Do you like books but just don’t have the time to sit down and read one? Don’t worry, audiobooks are now your best friend and Audiobooks for Android will help you get used to listening to them faster then you can say cheese.

Audiobooks for Android is a massive collection of over 15 thousand books that you can just listen to while you drive to work or take out the dog for a walk. Its so easy to get started as well. After you download the free app you can browse all the books you want and listen to 3 minute samples to see if you like the voice dictation, pace and other book-specific factors. If you’re satisfied with the free sample experience and you decide that audiobooks are something that you’re interested in, you can then go ahead with the free one week trial to really take Audiobooks for Android (technically for a real test drive and see if you really made the right decision. Playing the books is extremely easy, just browse for the one you like through well organized categories and/or genres, select what you want to listen to and tap play. Pop in some earphones, or you can even use your device’s loudspeaker, although that may be extremely annoying for everybody else (is there’s anyone around), and you’re off! After your free trial finishes, and you’ve enjoyed the experience, then you will have to make your next biggest decision. Whether to pay for the monthly subscription of $30 in order to continue. This may sound like much, but you’re too busy to read, you can at least continue listening to any one of the 15 thousand bestsellers available in the library. If you’re consistent, then the $30 is worth the investment, but if listening to audiobooks is a one-in-a-while kind of experience, then you may be satisfied with just the free trial.

Overall, the application itself, isn’t exactly a looker. But for an audiobook app, looks are hardly important. What’s important is the way it plays audio, and it does that quite well. It offers convenient 30 second skip button for parts that you want to skip back or forward and it will easily play the audio in the background without any interruptions. In general, I found that Audiobooks for Android was quite good and worth looking at if you’re browsing for an audiobook utility.

Check out Audiobooks for Android on the Google Play Store!

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