I dont know if you’ve ever had experience with Photoshop liquify tools or the classic photo manipulation software that made bubbly eyes and can stretch your face in the weirdest ways, but now, its available on your Android device and its awesome.

Caricature Me sports the classic photo manipulation engine that lets you stretch, bubble, shrink, warp, and disfigure your own face, or the faces of countless innocent family members and friends. It is actually really and a ton of fun to toy around with. When you first open the app you’ll find a convenient “before” and “after” photo library layout. You’ll see a before and after picture for each photograph you disfigured and saved. You can choose a photo from library, use the camera or jump into one of the saved photos including the two default photos that come with the application. The main edit screen is where all the fun happens. In the top left you’ll find all the tools available for photo torture. There’s the classic expand from centre tool that can bubble eyes, the opposite of that which will shrink into the center, warp right and left, bomb tool which will essentially ripple in a circular fashion, the smudge tool that can smudge and stretch photos, and finally the eraser tool that will help you take things back to how they used to be. For each tool there are also 3 strength levels. The higher the level the the bigger the area of change. So if you just want to target the pupils for example, go with the smallest option.

A great trick, I should mention is to use two fingers to apply affects. Rather then blocking the view by simply tapping on where you want to apply the affects, you can instead use two fingers, and the affect will be applied exactly between the two points where you fingers are. So a good example of this is if I want to expand someones nose. I would grab the expand tool, and tap on both of the ears. This will affectively target the middle of the face, approximately where the nose should be.

Overall, Caricature Me has proven to be a great deal of fun and it is an absolutely unbelievable app especially considering that its free. I highly recommend this to everyone and it is definitely worth to check out.

Check out Caricature Me for Android on the Google Play Store!

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