Not long ago we reviewed one of the best Yoga apps for the iPhone called All-in Yoga and I thought it was one of the best on the market. Today, however, we’re looking at an Android alternative which is quite good as well.

Daily Yoga is an Android application designed to help you learn or practice Yoga with helpful pose descriptions and video tutorials of entire sessions. The app is actually really easy to use and takes almost no time away from your actual Yoga. Its also got some meditation-style music in the background that is not affected by menu changes or even closing the app so you get a nice, continuous loop of Yoga music, which is nice. Unless you don’t like it. Then its not. Theere’s also one more big annoyance. When you download the app, you think you’re ready to get started. Just press start session and you’re off, but no. Not so fast. Before you can do ANY kind of activity in the app, you have to download some plug-ins. There are 6 free ones and 4 paid. The free ones will target your abs, back, body toning 1, standing routine, sitting routine and sun salutation. The two paid will hit your glutes, chest, advanced abs and body toning 2. And I suppose it would have been okay if it was an in-app download but no, you must visit the Google Play store yet again to download the plugins. After that’s done and over with though, you’re good to go! Once you’re in the session, you have some choices. You can can choose from four different length options (which also indicate intensity) for your Yoga session. When you select the appropriate one, you’ll jump straight into and the video will automatically start playing. Each video is roughly 30 seconds long and has a voice over talking about what exactly you should be doing. If you’re still unsure, look at the screen to see a professional perform the pose over and over, at least until the next one comes along. Each pose will last about 30 seconds and automatically move on to the next. Once you’re familiar with the poses, you can simply just listen to the app instead of looking at the screen.

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All in all, Daily Yoga is a great Yoga alternative on the Android despite several extremely annoying things like plug-in downloads and sign-up forms that don’t disappear when they need to. You’ll find that when you first start the application, you’re prompted to sign-up. So you enter some information and press sign-up. A message will pop-up saying that its been successful and nothing happens. So you think maybe you didn’t press the button, so you try again, only to realize that it did in fact work because the email is already taken. Long story short, you have to press the “Back” button to close the pop-up when you get a success message. It doesn’t make any sense, but thats how it works. Other then that, the app is great and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in making Yoga a part of their daily routine.

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Check out Daily Yoga for Android on the Google Play Store!

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