Power Point presentation are a great tool in business and any occupation that relies on presentations to an audience. Today we’re taking a look at an Android application called EasyPPT and right from the start I can say that its anything BUT easy, although, once you get the hang of it, everything seems to flow much smoother.

On the opening screen of EasyPPT you’ll be prompted to connect to a computer via an IP address. The whole point of the application is to work with a computer to show a presentation, so the presence of the application is a must in order to use EasyPPT with any effectiveness. Once you have both the PC application and the Android application open in front of you, simply follow the on-screen instructions to connect both devices and begin using the application. The idea is, in fact, very simple, yet a very powerful tool for presentations. While you don’t actually use Microsoft PowerPoint to show the presentation, you do use you phone to scroll through slides and draw in real time on the computer display from your Android device. In practise, its a very useful tool. Instead of using the incredibly annoying laser pointer that you got from the dollar store, you can use your phone stylus or simply your finger to make annotations on the screen and highlight your content accordingly. Just as easily tap the left and right button to move to the next and previous slide respectively.

The only complain that I do have about EasyPPT is that its not localized well for the English language and using the camera, you’ll still find buttons label in Korean. Also the interface seems very simple, but not in the good, minimalistic sense. Its just very plain, boring and depending on which Android device you use it on, stretches very poorly. Overall, however, the app is a great tool for presentation and I recommend anyone to give this a try if you’ve got both an Android device and a PC. Its not available for Mac as of right now.

Check out EasyPPT for Android on the Google Play Store!

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