If you’re into investments, perhaps you manage your own portfolio or even do it as a carrer, chances are, you’ve heard of eToro. If thats the case, and you happen to own an Android device, you’re in luck!

eToro Trade claims to be the world’s largest social trading and investment network. Whether that is true may be entirely irrelevant to the application at hand but it really does enforce some credibility into this app. To make portfolio management and investments easier for people who are constantly on the go, eToro has decided to release an app to do just that and its called eToro Trade. However, in order to receive notification about your trading occurrences, you have to go out to Google Play one more time and grab eToro Trade Alerts. What this lets you do is receive real-time push notifications and alerts about trading events. You have complete control over how many notification you receive too. You have the choice between 3, 10 and disabled at night which is quite a handy feature for anyone who values sleep on any kind of scale.

Overall, eToro Trade Alerts is a great looking and easy to use app. You can make it even better by downloading eToro Trade, which is also free. All in all, you get two great apps for trading and investments from a reputable company that specializes in just that. With a boggling price tag of “free” you simply cannot go wrong with either of these products.

Check out eToro Trade Alerts for Android on Google Play!

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