Simple and fun games are always a good thing. There’s no setup, or wasted time trying to start playing the game. Just take your phone out of your pocket and play. One of the those games is Fly Bird for Android.

Fly Bird reminds of classic brick, where you have to bounce the ball up into the bricks above and break all of them without loosing the ball. Except in Fly Bird, the bricks are replaced by colourful birds and the bottom platform is just a center hub from which you fire your birds. The idea is to match birds of the same color. As long as at least three birds of the same color are touching, they will fly away, hence the app name, Fly Bird. You fire the birds from you “bird hub” simply by tapping on where you want the bird to go, which is in fact really accurate and quite satisfying. At the moment there are two game modes that you can play, with another one on its way. You have the option of Classic, where the birds just keep coming at you to see how long you can keep them off, or the Puzzle mode. Here, you just have a limited number of birds to get rid of and you must do so without failing. Pretty straightforward.

Like I mentioned, Fly Bird is a very simple and fun game to play even if you just have a minute to spare. There’s really no setup, just jump in and start playing. The graphics are decent, the gameplay is quick and theres a free version available so you can test drive before you buy, or simply just stick with free alternative. Whatever you choose, make sure to give it a try.

Check Fly Bird for Android on the Google Play Store!

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  1. Mike says:

    best shooting game ever!

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