If you’re into soccer (or football if you happen to live in Europe) and thought to yourself, “Hey, I wish I could play a turn-based soccer game on my smartphone”, then I have news for you. As you’ve guessed it, now you can do so with Football Tactics.

Football Tactics is a soccer game for your Android smartphone that revolves around turn-based gameplay. What does that mean? You have a team of players, the goal is to score on your opponent. You do so by strategically manoeuvring your players so that you can score a goal. However, in real-life soccer, both team’s players are free to move at the same time wherever they choose, but in Football Tactics you are blessed (or cursed, depends how you look at it) with a turn. During your turn, you can move your players, pass the ball, and shoot it. Once your turn is finished, you cannot move any of the players or interact with your team in any way, while your opponent takes their turn in the game. You might be thinking that its not quite soccer at that point, and quite frankly, you’re right. It isn’t. But it is a fun version of soccer that you can play on your smartphone. Its not quite FIFA 12, but it will do the job just fine.

However, with every game there are some downsides. With Football Tactics its the gameplay. Now, needless to say, it will run differently on every Android device but playing it on the older Samsung Galaxy S Captivate was brutally slow. Map zoom felt like it was running on Windows 95 and general navigation throughout the game was a bit laggy. Good news is that there is a free version available for a test run to see how you like the game and whether your device is capable of running it smoothly before you dish out 2 bucks. So go ahead, give a try and be sure to report back in the comments below to share your opinion of the game.

Check out Football Tactics for Android on the Google Play Store!

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