If you’re a big fan of slots, maybe you’re at the casino a little more then you should be, then there might be a great app for you – Moarbile Slots for your Android smartphone device.

Moarbile Slots, as you’ve guessed by the name, is essentially slots in the palm of your hand. You’ll get an initial amount of fake money to start out with and you’ll be happy to know that it last a decent amount of time depending on your luck and amount of free time you have. The game itself is extremely straightforward, there really is nothing you wouldn’t expect from slots. Jump into a theme, like Mexicana and you’ll be ready to hit the “spin” button. As you do so, you’ll see some spinning action going on and a result will appear. If you happen to have a decent match, you’ll collect some fake cash, if not, then tough luck, spin again and hopefully you won’t loose all your money by the time you win something decent.

Now, this all sounds alright but the app has some serious issues. It will very often freeze in an unexpected and infinite loop of “spinning”, meaning it will spin the slots forever…or until you exit. A random message that says something about a timed-out session has a tendency to appear no later then every two seconds for some odd reason. At that point you have to exit the app, close it, and reopen it again for it for properly. Also, if you happen to become frustrated with the extreme slowness and erratically tap the spin button, the app will go ahead and spin the slots continuously exactly the number of times you tapped the spin button in frustration. So as you’ve noticed, there are some pot holes that need to be sorted out in order for this to be 100% functional. It just seems that it never came out of the beta stage. Hopefully it will get fixed in the upcoming updates, but for now, it is slightly hard to use.

Check out Moarbile Slots for Android on the Google Play Store!

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