Ninjas in games are always a good thing. Whether you’re fighting as one or you’re fighting against one, they make just about every game, a tad more exciting. With Ninjaken, you are the ninja battle random objects.

Ninjaken is reminiscent of the classic arcade-type games and even implements an arcade-like onscreen controller with four buttons that allow you to control your character. The gameplay is exactly what you would expect from any arcade game – simple, easy-to-learn and addicting. The idea of the game is to stay alive. Preventing you from doing so are incoming objects flying at your from the right side of your screen. You must either avoid them, smash them, or use your epic ninja stars to slice through them. Using the on-screen 4-button controller you can jump by tapping the up arrow, crouch bu tapping the down arrow and use the red button to attack red objects and the blue button to attack blue objects. You have to make sure that you’re using the appropriate button for the objects and thats where the ninja skills come in.

Overall, I thought that Ninjaken was a great take on some arcade style ninja action. The graphics aren’t exactly top notch, but they don’t really have to be. Its not the main focus by any means. What’s important here is the gameplay, and in that department Ninjaken has done well. All in all, its not a bad title, and considering that there is a free version available, everyone can give it a try before they buy. So don’t miss out on this ninja action arcade style game.

Check out Ninjaken for Android on the Google Play Store!

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