How cool would it be if your friends Facebook status updates showed up on your caller ID? I agree, very cool, which is why you might want to check out PicDial for your Android device right now.

PicDial for Android is essentially an app that integrates Facebook social networking right into your phone. If you find it extremely difficult to close the Facebook tab in your browser even for 5 minutes or you can’t go longer then an hour without checking Facebook on your phone, you might really benefit from PicDial, alternatively, Facebook addiction counselling may also be an option. But anyway, PicDial will integrate with your phone and display your contact’s photos as caller ID’s along with their Facebook status. It also lets you create favourites and easily manage your existing and Facebook contacts right on your phone. PicDial is also a great way to interact with your text messages via their cool coverflow-style conversation browser for text messages. Basically, whatever you think you need to stay in touch with your friends, PicDial’s got it and some.

Overall, PicDial is relatively straightforward and easy to use so you shouldn’t have trouble jumping right into the conversations. The interface is stylish, attractive and serves its purpose well. There aren’t really any complaints. So if you’re a Facebook addict or simply someone looking for improved social networking experience on your Android device, PicDial is definitely something to check out, so give the free app a test drive.

Check out PicDial: Social Photo SMS for Android on the Google Play Store!

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