slotsYet another great slots alternative is available for Android users everywhere called Slots by Ruby Fortune. As the name suggests, Ruby Fortune is responsible for bringing the slots to Android and its actually very good.

Slots by Ruby Fortune is great slots alternative to many many others out there. If you’re simply bored of other themes or maybe you’re in the market for something different, then Slots by Ruby Fortune is definitely something to check out. The app will let you play with fake credits or invest some real cash for a chance to win big. Needless to say, I chose the free options in order to bring to you this review. Slots by Ruby Fortune features several different themes, all of which look amazing. In fact, the app itself looks very good and the layout is extremely straightforward. While in the game, all the standard slots rules apply and if you’re an experience player, you know exactly what they are. On the other hand, the game seems to present tons of opportunities to make some serious fake cash. For example, while experimenting with the different start / stop options (you can stop the spinning at any time to get a result) I accidentally won 12 free spins, and several free spin wins came from within those free spins. As a result, I ended with a my pockets full of amazing fake money and satisfied grin on my face. I doubt this kind of luck can be experienced on the real money side, but if it, Slots by Ruby Fortune definitely seems promising.

Overall, I found the game to be extremely well done except for one thing. Running on my older Galaxy S (that’s correct, there’s no typo, its just a Galaxy S) all the game screens were about a quarter of the size of the full screen and ran in that format just fine. I’m not sure if it something to do with the device specifically, but I suspect its due to my older device. Aside from that, Slots by Ruby Fortune is definitely a game to check out if you like slots so go ahead and give a try for free.

Check out Slots by Ruby Fortune on the Google Play Store!

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