With the dawn of cellular data, some begin to wonder if voice plans are really necessary. Especially with so many great voice-plan alternatives, its hard to resists the temptations of a data-only device. Now, Rebtel makes that temptation even greater.

Rebtel: Free and Cheap Calls is an application that essentially can turn your smartphone into a data-only device. With Rebtel you can make extremely cheap international calls to landlines or other cellular devices. If you’re calling someone who’s already using Rebtel, then it will be a free call! So by now, you’re probably thinking, this is a lot like Skype, isn’t it? And the answer is yes, very much so. With one big distinguishing feature. If you’re on a Wifi-connection call talking on the Skype app and decide that you want to leave the Wifi area and drive down the road, your phone call will be interrupted during the transition stage between Wifi and 3G. Rebtel, on the other hand, incorporates a feature called “KeepTalking” that will seamlessly transition between your Wifi or 3G call to your “local minutes” plan so you can continue the conversation without interruptions. That is a VERY handy feature to have for important calls.

Overall, Rebtel is great. The interface is clean, the app is responsive and doesn’t cause any noticeable issues. The only thing that I would love to see in the future is a unique number assigned to each member, like Skype. This way, anyone can call that number regardless of whether they are using Rebtel or not. Without this feature, it would be less then ideal to entirely switch your voice and data-plan to data-only, because it will eliminate the option of non-Rebtel contacts reaching you. Unless that’s what you’re going for. Regardless, Rebtel is a great app that everyone should have on hand just in case you need it. Especially because it is free.

Check out Rebtel: Free and Cheap Calls for Android on the Google Play Store!

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