Have you ever wanted to remind yourself about something but didn’t want to take 45 seconds to type it out? Well now, you can do it in under 3 seconds without even unlocking your phone. All thanks to Stringnote.

Stringnote is essentially a shortcut for your Evernote account. Yes, you’re going to need one in order for this to work. It is the only way. For now anyway. What’s going to to happen is you will log into Stringnote with your Evernote account and grant Stringnote access to post content on your behalf. Then, when you need to quickly make an entry, even from the lockscreen, simply double-tap the sleep button on your phone and Stringnote will create a “string” reminder in your Evernote account. All its going to say is that “Something happened” and give a time. The default phrase can be changed to whatever you want in settings, so it can say “Don’t forget to remember to do something!” or something along those lines to help you remember. You also have the option of including a photo into your “string” note. Double-tapping the sleep button will quickly bring up the camera and automatically take a picture, so you have to ready. But that’s all! Just like that, you will have a picture reminder saved in your Evernote account to use for later! Brilliant.

Stringnote is absolutely fantastic. It is a brilliant idea with some solid implementation. The only complaint I had is slight lack of reliability. I would say 20% of the time it did not recognize the double-tap gesture and simply didn’t do anything. The same thing was true for the camera function. Although much rarer, sometimes it took much longer then usual to bring up the camera and snap a photo. But other then that, it seemed to work very well indeed. I’m sure this has a lot to do with Android’s fragmentation of devices but that’s just something we are going to have to live with. All in all, Stringnote is extremely useful and I recommend it to everyone to at least give a quick testdrive.

Check out Stringnote on the Google Play Store!

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  1. Katya says:

    Thanks for the good review! If you have any more comments or suggestions, please email us!

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