For most people, shopping is a really good thing or the worst experience of the week. Whether shopping sucks because of paper clutter or annoying purchase lists, help make it easier with Ultimate Shopping List for Android.

Ultimate Shopping List helps you organize all your shopping lists regardless of type. You can group your groceries, electronics and clothing all in one application and forget about writing things down on paper. Realistically, this is more useful for grocery shopping where many items and quantities cloud your head. For this reason, Ultimate Shopping List has an easy selection list where you can select the most common items like carrots, shampoo and many others and add them to your shopping list. Quantity of each item can be adjusted at any time after you select it. If the item doesn’t exist, however, you can simply enter your own and add it. When its time to shop, pull out the list, tap on it, and you’ll see the that specific list. As you shop, swipe each item to check it off. When you’re done, tapping the “done” button will mark each item with a date and the quantity purchased so that you know for next time you go shopping.

Ultimate Shopping List is pretty good at organizing your lists, but I wish there were a few things different. For starters, the list of the actual lists is very narrow, and there’s no reason it can’t be thicker and easier to tap on. Second, the edit and delete button are extremely small and cannot be classified as “comfortably tappable” by any standards. Also, when you select items from the pre-populated list, there is no way of searching for an item and you can’t enter your own if it already exists. This means that you must scroll for what seems like ages, just to find one item. Other then a few little hiccups, Ultimate Shopping List is a pretty decent shopping list app and is worth having a look at if you’re in a need of shopping list organizer.

Check out Ultimate Shopping List for Android on the Google Play Store!

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