Nacogdoches, Texas – Dr. Michael Roach, a former university professor and the creator of several apps and ebooks guiding users through Photoshop, has announced the release of “Adobe Photoshop CS6: A Tutorial for Beginners.” The new release, which will be available exclusively for iBooks, provides an updated version of the tutorial for users who wish to learn about using Photoshop CS6, the latest version of the program from Adobe.

“Photoshop CS6 is packed with many new and exciting features, and this updated guide will help you master them in a fun ,” said Dr. Roach. “We are very pleased to release this version of our tutorial, as it will help more people across the country learn what it takes to become Photoshop pros.”

Roach, who taught photography at Stephen F. Austin University for 33 years, decided to create his Photoshop tutorials to give users an easy way to learn the program and its various tools. Deciding that retirement wasn’t going to stop him from teaching, Roach found a way to reach thousands of students without leaving the comfort of his home.

“Adobe Photoshop 6: A Tutorial for Beginners” is based on Roach’s three-day workshop that the professor regularly holds, walking users through Photoshop with descriptions of the various tools. Users will first be through most of the tools, filters and adjustment windows in the program. Users will also learn how to simplify the process of using raw images by learning through examples in Camera Raw before finally being introduced to photo editing and retouching.

“These tutorials have helped many people with the previous versions of Photoshop, and now we’re here to make sure you learn all about CS6,” said Dr. Roach. “From a detailed explanation of the tools available to editing and manipulating pictures, this guide will put you on the right track toward truly getting the most out of Photoshop.”

Since his retirement in 2000, Dr. Roach has taught a number of Photoshop classes throughout the state, and has constantly stayed up-to-date with the latest versions of the program. Using his emphasis on the psychology of learning, he developed the visual tutorial to help beginners learn the core of Photoshop as quickly and effectively as possible.

Pricing and Availability:
Through the end of October, Adobe Photoshop CS6 : A Tutorial For beginners will be on sale for $9.99 USD (reg. 12.99). Still using CS5? All other titles have been priced at $2.99.

Adobe Photoshop CS6: A Tutorial For Beginners
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Dr. Michael N. Roach taught photography for thirty-three years in Nacogdoches, Texas. The advent of the beginning of digital imaging overlapped the last ten years of his University teaching career. In the almost twelve years since his retirement in the year 2000 he has regularly taught two and three day Photoshop workshops across Texas; always staying up with the latest version of Adobe’s Photoshop application.

Because his Doctorate was in COLLEGE TEACHING IN ART AND PHOTOGRAPHY, there was a strong emphasis in the psychology of learning theory, and interest in how students learn quickly. This lead to the careful design of his visual teaching material and a high success rate for his students in mastering Photoshop.

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