Novosibirsk, Russian Federation – Alice Dev Team has incorporated its user-oriented approach of making extremely easy-to-use yet efficient software solutions into FastComputer. FastComputer is designed to protect your computer from apps that eat up its resources. They slow your Mac down, and can even freeze it completely! FastComputer is a powerful but simple weapon to fight them! The user doesn’t even need any programming or system administration skills to use it. It allows you to get the most out of your Mac!

FastComputer reports how much memory your favorite browser consumes, how much CPU power a popular video player requires, or how much load your favorite application places on the computer. Thanks to FastComputer’s smart layout, the user can see this in a clear and convenient form. You can quickly and easily take action if you need to.

Numerous features are included, such as: displaying which apps consume the most resources, the ability to quickly “Force Quit” an app that’s making your Mac crawl, or being able to shut down resource-hungry apps in only 2 clicks and 3 seconds. No complicated setup is required… just install and go. It has 2 the speed of Activity Monitor, consumes considerably less resources, and allows you to take back your Mac.

With its numerous useful features, FastComputer introduces a brand-new and revolutionary way to accelerate Mac computers. The user can avoid manual and boring tracking of voracious applications which slow down the computer. This operation can now be performed with the click of a button.

With FastComputer, the user can always be assured of not accidentally shutting down important applications or losing important data. The unique built-in safety features we developed will prevent this. Even if the user decides to close a gluttonous computer application, FastComputer will always display a warning first. Users will truly appreciate FastComputer’s safety.

“Everything started from an idea to create a simple one-purpose application to control the computing power, acceleration and memory usage of Mac computers… which would be accessible to everyone, not only professionals, sysadmins and programmers. We researched what utility apps lacked, and found that most of them could be more personal and usable. They’re not perfectly suited as everyday apps. So we created FastComputer, the first application that brings user interface design perfection to the utilities category. FastComputer is a simple, fast and fun tool to accelerate Macs and manage their resources… a task that was once almost impossible.” Stanislav Kuptsov, CEO, Alice Dev Team.

As a software solution, FastComputer will satisfy any Mac user looking for truly effective and simple computer acceleration with a user-friendly and simple interface.

System Requirements and Prices:
FastComputer 1.0 requires an Intel based Macintosh, Mac OS X 10.6 or greater and 10MB of hard disk space. On its launch FastComputer is available at a discounted price of $4.99 (USD) exclusively from the Mac App Store. The regular price is $9.99 (USD).

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