Provo, Utah – In less than a month, every iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch will have the new iOS 6, and with it, the new Apple factory application, PassBook. The role of PassBook is to organize coupons, e-tickets, promotions, and gift cards right on an individual’s mobile device. Passbook is convenient and dynamic, boasting features that include location and time specific alerts, so users’ passes appear on their phones when they need them.

Larger, more established businesses, with money and resources, are preparing marketing programs now to leverage Passbook. Unfortunately, small businesses may be left out of this potentially powerful marketing opportunity.

Enter Mana. Mana Mobile has developed an app that any business can leverage to promote its offerings. With this new app, businesses are able to create their own PassBook passes and distribute them to not only their loyal customers, but to all Mana customers in just seconds.

Mana’s app uses a fee-per-swipe structure, so businesses are not charged to download the app, create their business account, or create and distribute promotions. Instead, a business is only charged when real customers actually redeem a promotion. Mana’s objective is to keep these fees extremely low to encourage volume use.

The most intriguing concept that Mana is including with its program is an incentive to customer users to redeem promotions. When individuals redeem a promotion, they are actually rewarded with a portion of the fee paid by the business to Mana…in the form of Mana rewards. End users can cumulate Mana rewards and redeem them wherever Mana is used. That cost is then picked up by Mana and paid to the business customer. Customer-users will also be incentivized to send out these promotions using social network platforms including FaceBook and Twitter.

Finally, included in the account profile for businesses will be access to a live metrics system that tracks usage in real-time – enabling individual businesses to assess the effectiveness of their marketing efforts and make nimble, rapid adjustments to optimize sales. This app will be available the day IOS 6 is released, letting businesses start using Mana on day one.


Mana Mobile is a start-up app company which was established in July of 2012. Founded by Jon Lund, Spencer Smith, Joe Wilson and Cory Heizenrader, Mana Mobile was founded to build a small business solution for Apple’s Passbook. Mana Mobile is located in Provo, UT. Copyright (C) 2012 Mana Mobile. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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