Kuching, Malaysia – Technology has brought so many diversifications of products an easy use of the application that comes with the technology. Today the more the technology advances the more applications they get. The iPad, iPhone got lots of application that can use and make life more simple and easy without many expenses incurred. I greet greeting cards is an application that offers wide range of products: greeting cards this can be used to say hi to a friend who you have not got in touch for a while

This application helps one to design a card of your choice for $ 0.99 only, and one can get numerous cards. One can also get him or herself a birthday card for a friend girl / boyfriend. When you get to the apps cannot miss to get the Christmas cards, this comes in a whole range of designs and shapes that are so friendly and appealing to once eyes.

Mobiles in the new age have games. The new technology has brought Twist bubble this application is one of its kind and with game puzzles and mini games for as less as $ 0.99 and you get a whole package of games that are good to keep one busy while travelling and while out there relaxing. Twist bubble gives you a relaxing comfort that one deserves to have. You do not know what you are missing without this application for the new age and the old too.

Pieta application this is a mother’s application that mothers would not want to miss in their phones. The application got kids story these stories mothers can read to their children while in bed and any other time that the kids needs to be told stories. It has becomes expensive to purchase children story books, this application makes it much easy for mothers to have children stories at their disposal for only $0.99 and one will have a full package of children stories. Mothers must get this application and your children story life will change for the better.

Three in one home and car loan calculator, this is a new application for only $ 0.99 the application is one of its kind and it got so many advantages that come with it. The application has lots of features, it got a calculator that one can do some math for his/her job or school work. The application has any easy way to calculate mortgage loan and gives you the interest due and the amount remaining to pay for the mortgage. The loan calculator it has a formula that helps one get the accurate results even without visiting the bank asking for the balances.

The application got a compass that gives you direction from where you are and one can never get lost anywhere. The compass tells you exactly where you are. This is a very convenience way to go and when one is in a new town or in a new location.
This is the season for Eid. This is a Great chance to get your friends Eid greeting cards at an affordable price that one would not imagine with the new iPad applications. This cards app they are easy to use and have wide range of colors and designs one can use. This application is suitable for both iPhone and iPad use for only $1.99. You would not want to miss this chance and opportunity.

Wedding cards application this is a girl dream to have a wedding in future. This application has many designs that one could choose from. The designs come with an envelope shape that is attractive to the eyes. There are invitation cards to a wedding and cards that are used on that day of the wedding. The application can allow one to have these cards for free and the professional card goes only for $ 2.99 these are high end designed cards. This is an application that will makes once work easy in the invitations.

Viscomp Enterprise
iGreet greeting cards
Twist Bubble
“Pieta” a mother’s pure love Bubble
Eid Mubarak Cards 120

Located in Kuching, Malysia, Viscomp Enterprise is a company founded by Sean Lee on 01/01/2012. With the aim to become one of the biggest iOS development companies in the Malysia, the company now offers 7 apps live in the app store with many more great apps under development. “We make the apps that you (the people) want.” The company also make apps for business and is looking for sponsors and market deals for all of our apps. Copyright (C) 2012 Viscomp Enterprise. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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