Hot Springs Village, Arkansas – Amanda Bean, first grade elementary teacher at Jessieville, began her Back to School preparation in May as she became involved with a new study involving Apps with Curriculum in the Classroom. Based on the premise that apps alone are not enough for educators, this study examines the need for app developers to provide curriculum that is Common Core State Standards aligned.

Brown used the storybook app “Penelope the Purple Pirate” by award-winning author Melissa Northway with the CCSS aligned lesson plan “My Nap Time Day Dream,” created by Cyndie Sebourn and Sascyn Publishing, Inc. “Providing teachers with CCSS aligned curriculum enhances the learning possibilities with apps in the classroom (Brown).”

“Apps alone are not enough in the classroom,” said Sebourn, who has had 25 years of teaching experience. “App developers need to provide educators with curriculum that aligns with the Common Core State Standards” (Sebourn).

The curriculum for “Penelope the Purple Pirate” concluded with students participating in a Skype with the author. “I think it is a wonderful experience for children to have the opportunity to converse with an author as it allows them to ask questions about the story they just read. I really enjoyed the questions and comments from the first grade students at Jessieville Elementary School. Technology has opened up so many doors for us that using Skype will become commonplace for schoolchildren around the world! I have heard of children in Africa or China with sister schools in the U.S. who are able to communicate with each other via Skype. It has the ability to bring people together!” Melissa Northway

Case Study findings reveal that:
* Apps aligning to Common Core State Standards are beneficial for educators
* Students are engaged and focused while reading with technology
* A teacher’s approach to teaching has changed with technology
* Common Core State Standards are beneficial to the educational process
* Volume Purchasing is a great asset for educators but discounts for single app purchases would also be helpful
* The Smarty Activity My Nap Time Day Dream clearly aligned with CCSS and provided clear instructions and the incorporation of technology

Sascyn Publishing
Case Study II
Penelope the Purple Pirate 3.0
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