Luoyang, China – Lingsoft today is pleased to introduce Ava the Talking Witch 1.0, an interactive game featuring Ava, a bubbly witch who replies to the user and performs various spells with her magic wand when she is told. Ava can perform nine Nature spells that feature elements such as butterflies and fireworks as well as nine different Transformation spells that change her into various cultural icons, such as a hula dancer or martial arts expert. Users can take pictures and video at any time during the game and share their interactions with Ava via Facebook, Instagram, or other social networking sites.

Feature Highlights:
* Ava can understand spells users read and performs them
* Nine different Transformations into national costumes from around the world
* Nine different Nature spells accompanied by thrilling animations
* Take a picture or video and share it quickly and easily with friends on Facebook, YouTube, and more
* Ava reacts to the user’s touch and words
* Check in on Ava every 24 hours for a free mushroom
* Mystical background sounds add to the app’s excitement
* Ava can always understand English, and can understand Chinese Mandarin when device settings are set to Simplified Chinese

Upon opening the application, the user is greeted with clear enthusiasm by Ava the Talking Witch. The user can then open Ava’s handy Nature spell book at the bottom of the screen and read aloud the spells she is able to conduct. Ava, hearing and understanding the speaker’s words, is eager to comply by performing the spoken spell with her magic wand, implementing spells ranging from bright butterflies that flood the screen to vivid firework displays. Nine different options of such spells exist, and a picture is unlocked in the spell book each time one of them is enacted.

Ava’s Transformation spells require a bit more involvement on the part of the user, who must first choose a properly colored mushroom before speaking one of the matching spells in Ava’s Transformation spell book. While the astounding quality of watching Ava as she understands the speaker’s words is especially notable in this app, the user may also click on any spell in either book if he or she does not wish to speak. After this is done, Ava then transforms according to the chosen spell, one of nine separate choices, donning a cultural costume from somewhere around the world. This notable opportunity for cultural connection provides the user with views of such national dances as the Spanish Flamenco, Hawaiian Hula, and more.

Once Ava performs her dance, a picture is automatically taken of her in her cultural attire. This picture can then be easily uploaded to Facebook or Instagram, or emailed, according to the user’s preference through buttons that appear on the screen. Pictures and video may also be taken of Ava throughout the interactive game at any point and as easily uploaded to social networking sites.

Ava’s interaction with the user does not stop at simply performing her spells. She responds to touch as well, and will act out different enchanting animations when the user touches her hat, boots, tummy, or magic wand. She makes one such charming gesture in response to the words, “Ava, I love you” as well, and her interactivity with the user is one of the qualities that makes her so lovable, and it truly sets Ava the Talking Witch apart from similar apps.

“You read the spells aloud and she performs the magic, responding in a cute baby voice,” says Jun Zhu of Lingsoft. “Make your magical dreams come true!”

Language Support:
* English, Chinese, German, French, Korean, Japanese, and Spanish

Device Requirements:
* Requires iOS 4.2 or later (iOS 5 tested)
* iPhone 4/4S, iPod touch (4th generation), and iPad 1/2/3
* 264 MB

Ava the Talking Witch 1.0 and Ava the Talking Witch for iPad 1.0 are free to download and available through the App Store in the Entertainment category. Additional mushroom and spells are available as an in-app purchase from $0.99 (USD). Review copies are available on request.

Ava the Talking Witch 1.0
Ava the Talking Witch for iPad 1.0
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