Liege, Belgium – The Belgian creative agency EPIC is pleased to announce the release of its first application available on iPad and Android tablets (soon available on iPhone/iPod touch): Babel the King, an interactive book suitable for a young audience aged from 2 to 8 years old.

Babel is a fascinating and entertaining story. Its tactile interactions (blow, pull, push) and choice of fully narrated or ‘I read by myself’ modes make it suitable for children from the age of 2 upwards. The subtle and beautiful illustrations and captivating story-telling will also enchant children of up to 8 years old. Babel the King leads the young reader through an elaborate and immersive universe thanks to an exclusive story, high quality illustrations and numerous interactions (blow, shout, push, rotate, shake, pull) that allow the reader to interact with the characters.

And in anticipation of long hours stuck in holiday traffic jams, when set in independent reading mode (I read by myself), Babel the King becomes the perfect traveling companion! Babel is an essential interactive book for every child. You can judge the ease of use, the interactions and the exclusiveness of the application by previewing the demo video.

#1 iPad Book in Belgium, France, Luxembourg and Switzerland

The Story:
Babel is a grumpy old cat and not very bright at all. So begins the fantastic story of a cat that develops a pathological jealousy of the clouds and who spends his days annoying them.

One day, struck by lightning, he falls out of a tree and finds himself nose to nose with a bird cage. But Babel, dizzy from the fall, confuses the cage with a crown and, placing it on his head, he declares himself king!

Inside the cage there is a bird that tries, as best as he can, to escape. He subtly imposes on Babel a tough way to get what he wants: becoming a true king… But, will he succeed?

Babel advantages and key features:
* The story and visual world of Babel were exclusively created for a very young audience from 2 up to 8 years old
* It is a fascinating and educational universe that will lead young readers to read and read the story again and again
* The story of Babel is playful and appeals to many ages thanks to the different themes and values tackled through the book

The interactions developed for Babel are entertaining and use all the potential of tablet devices, and were created in order to allow children to literally add an extra dimension to the story. Children can, for example, push a cloud to make a lightning flash; blow on a tower to see it collapse; wave grass in front of a sheep in order to make it walk or open an umbrella to slow the cat’s fall.

* 20 fully illustrated and animated pages
* Exclusive high quality illustrations
* Numerous interactions (blow, pull, push, etc,)
* Available languages: English, French
* Text fully dubbed in both languages
* Narrated by professional English and French actors
* 2 reading modes: “I read by myself” or “Read it to me”
* Exclusive music and sound effects
* Compatibility: iPad 1, iPad 2, the new iPad, Android tablets
* Settings: music control, help display, languages and choice of subtitles

The story and visual world of Babel were conceived by Karim Maaloul, an experienced creator of children’s literature. Babel is self-funded and developed by Karim Maaloul and his partners from EPIC, a young Belgian creative agency specializing in the creation of digital content.

Device Requirements:
* Compatible with iPad
* Requires iOS 4.0 or later
* 43.2 MB

Pricing and Availability:
The interactive application Babel the King is available in two languages and subtitles: English and French. Several other languages, including German, Spanish, Italian and Chinese, are currently being adapted to the story and will be released soon. Babel, the King 1.0 is released with a special launch price of $3.99 (2.99 Euro) from 13th June until 31st June 2012. From July 1st the final price will be $4.99 (3.99 Euro) for all platforms.

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Babel, the King 1.0
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