Redwood City, California – Back to School season is on! And there could be nothing better than beginning the new session with a new-found confidence. For an elementary school kid, this could well define his/her school year ahead; and with these “cool” iPads that they are so obsessed with, nothing could be better than learning an important life skill – ability to tell time and understand elapsed time in a couple of weeks.

Understanding the concept of time is very essential in the early childhood years. Should kids be introduced to it at a younger age, higher the likelihood that they will be able to gauge and estimate in different applied situations more adeptly. Undoubtedly, concept of time is an integral part of the early childhood curriculum and is a must for lifelong learning.

Tell Time, the latest iPad app by Studypad is a “tablet-age” approach to learning and internalizing the concept of time. It’s a one of a kind app on the App Store that uses interactive digital lessons to teach essential time concepts like telling time from analog and digital clocks, AM/PM and elapsed time.

Studypad has been an innovator in the revolution for digital education (for iPads and iPhones) and has successfully published Splash Math series of apps for elementary school kids. Splash Math apps have been downloaded 800,000 times, a number that is quite outstanding for a serious education app. Its users have spent more than 15 million minutes on these apps, another number that speaks volumes about user acceptance. With over 2,000 teachers using the apps across the US, Splash Math apps definitely have got the teacher’s mandate. Splash Math Grade 1-5 apps have also been widely acclaimed and featured in Apple’s “Staff Favorites”, “What’s Hot”, “New and Noteworthy” on multiple occasions.

Key Features of the newly released Tell Time app:
* Ideal for ages 4 – 9
* Aligned to Common Core State Standards
* Broken up into 8 different topics with Dynamic Lessons
* Interactive problems that assess the kid’s mastery of concepts
* Weekly progress Report
* Earn Coins to play with Chimpz – the mascot chimpanzee in prizes section

The app deep dives into eight topics which progressively teach time. Each topic contains a lesson and a test section that assess the child’s understanding of the topic. The topics covered are the analog and digital clock, telling time to the hour, half hour, quarter hour, time to five minutes, time to the minute, AM/PM and elapsed time.

The lessons in the app are interactive in nature. An encouraging voice reads out the text and the examples that are dynamically generated. Animation in the examples makes learning fun for kids. The test section contains assessment problems that reinforce the concepts taught in the lessons. The problems are dynamically generated and the tests are designed to adapt to the child’s level of understanding. The problems are largely interactive for eg. double clock problems, set the time problems, AM/PM problems, elapsed time problems, etc.

In the reports section, the performances in the tests are carefully captured and let you track the kid’s progress. The app also lets parents and teachers to subscribe to weekly email reports and hence track kid’s progress outside the app too.

It’s not just the beautiful interactive clocks that the kids will love in the app, Chimpz – the mascot chimpanzee who accompanies them throughout the app is amazingly funny too. Chimpz also has his own store where kids can accessorize him using coins that they earn while taking tests.

“Tell Time” is a fun and engaging educational app to prepare young ones to master the concept of time in a span of two weeks, and give them a whole new world of confidence when they get back to school this fall.

Device Requirements:
* Requires iPad with iOS 4.0 or later
* 51.2 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Tell Time – Interactive elementary app to learn telling time 1.1.1 is $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category.

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