ort Orange, Florida – Best Apps For Kids proudly published video reviews on Plant HD and Butterfly HD this week. These apps are a shining example of what can happen when a developer passionately loves their topic and has a strong desire to make it enticing to kids of all ages. Plants HD covers topics of seeds, germination, pollination, flowers, trees, fruits, and dispersal. Each of these has an entire medley of educational venues to explore. The app incorporates stories read to kids, amazing stacked photos to flip through, interesting facts to ponder, a game to learn the life process, and quizes to test their knowledge. All of that is rewarded with “gold” coins and we know this positive reinforcement works.

Butterfly HD uses the same format covering the egg, caterpillar, crystal, and butterfly. One fantastic addition is videos incorporated for kids to get a live and close-up view of these amazing creatures. In this review the caterpillar was chosen for videos. Their habitats, behaviors, defense mechanisms, and physical makeup are just some of the topics covered. These apps contain as much stimulating information as iBooks . The main difference is in the pricing, not the quality or quantity of information. The average iBook maxes out at under $15.00 while these apps are under $2.00. As with most apps, any additions or upgrades are free once you make your original purchase.

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Butterfly HD Review
Plants HD Review

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