Port Orange, Florida – Best Apps For Kids is proud to announce the review of The Big Spill book app. This book is educational on a global and environmental level. Based on a true story of an oil spill, kids learn about the damages as well as what they can do to help. Learning how to make a difference and develop fundraisers for support is a valuable lesson.

The Big Spill is an amazing tale for kids and adults as well in a book app format. The cartoonish African Penguins are caught up in an oil spill and in great danger. Help arrives from near and far and it is a happy ending for the main characters. This is with the help of many volunteers and tracking devices to be sure they made it through the big swim home.

It is based on a true story and the book app is a fundraiser for the people who help penguins. BestAppsForKids.org urges parents and teachers to buy this app! This is a wonderful opportunity for kids to participate in helping protected species from all over!

Schools, Churches, and Families alike can put their heads together and set a goal, pick a fundraiser, and make a difference! What better way to raise your kids’ social awareness and self esteem? You can see some of the wonderful things that can be done in the review, as well as contact information for the penguin organizations.

The Big Spill was lovingly created as a fundraiser for African Penguins. Best Apps For Kids is proud to review this app in videos and help to spread the word on a worthy worldwide issue.

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