Port Orange, Florida – Best Apps For kids happily reviewed Colorforms(R) Revolution(TM) HD recently. Colorforms(R) have been with us for over 60 years, as many adults with grown children will remember. This format ensures that you won’t be losing any pieces. It does a great deal more than that. Learning by exploring and manipulating shapes, colors and patterns, provides hour of creative play. Kids can choose from various background for their artwork and save them to a gallery to be shared on Facebook as desired.

The freeplay segment is called ‘Go Wild” and when you move things around, wild is exactly what happens. In the freeplay segment you can add various music tones to your shapes that will play when they move. You can also create a puzzle and see it come to life or use stickers to fill in your creation and them choose a background. The stickers can be enlarged or reduced just like the shapes.

The graphics are fantastic and the colors are breathtaking. All this combined makes this an app that kids will be enticed to come back to repeatedly. Unlike original pieces of the game, you can manipulate the size and shape of forms. On the iPad you can pinch and drag them to a larger versions or in to a smaller version. You can expand them and stretch the shapes as well.

As you can see in the videos on the review, Colorforms(R) teaches kids to learn by using their imagination is a free and open place. Creativity flows naturally when we allow kids to explore on their own.

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Colorforms Video Review

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