Sebastopol, California – BohoApps, a brand of Boheme Negociants, is proud to announce today that Scooba Maze, the strategy/puzzle game that has you swimming through underwater caves to search for treasure while avoiding predators of the deep, has gone free for a limited time. Part strategy, part puzzle, part arcade game, BohoApps’ Scooba Maze FREE has you playing the part of undersea cave explorer. Beginning in shallow water, you enter the cave and work your way through, collecting sunken gems and pearls along the way before your air runs out. But as you go deeper, there lurks octopuses, sharks and giant clams in the shadows…Collect the gems and cash them in for coins to use to purchase various tools to help you in the game – more air to give you longer time to navigate the maze; a speargun or knife to protect you against the predators; or, a Diving Propulsion Vehicle (DPV) to speed you quickly through the maze. Or, use your coins to unlock the deepest darkest caves to see what lies within. Players can also change the look of their diver! Use the coins you’ve earned or buy more coins to customize your diver’s wetsuit to your favorite color.

To score high and truly master Scooba Maze FREE, you’ll need to keep your bearings as well as keep an eye on your level of air. Don’t get lost in the maze and let your air run out!

With its beautiful graphics and dynamic game play, Scooba Maze FREE is a game both adults and kids can enjoy again and again. It’s addictive! Since its original release in mid-May, Scooba Maze FREE has been getting phenomenal support and excellent reviews from all corners.

* Three challenging levels of difficulty, and never the same maze twice
* Play the Easy level to practice, then challenge your friends in Gamecenter
* Power ups to gain time and tools needed to get to the sunken treasure
* Customize your diver’s wetsuits
* Adventure and Strategy rolled into one game
* Stunning 3D Graphics
* Earn the right to move on to additional, more challenging levels
* Soothing undersea music or listen to your own music from your iPod
* Works on iPhone, iPad, and iTouch models; Retina ready

Device Requirements:
* iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch
* iOS 4.1 or later
* Universal Application
* 23.6 MB

Pricing and Availability
For a limited time, Scooba Maze FREE 1.1 is exclusively through the App Store and can be found worldwide, in the games category.

Scooba Maze FREE 1.1
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BohoApps, a brand of Boheme Negociants, is an independent gaming company that develops fun and exciting games for iOS. Games for the Android platform are coming soon. Copyright (C) 2012 BohoApps. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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