Seoul, Korea, Republic Of – Seoul, Republic Of Korea – ONEW, KEY, and TAEMIN of the global K-Pop sensation SHINee presents their travel essay Children of The Sun in an e-book format through iBooks. Entering the daily bestseller top 10 list in Korea on the day of release, the paper book Children of The Sun published in December, 2011 became a hot issue, containing dense remarks and photographs of the three members’ excursion around Barcelona.

The Book Trailer video alone rendered hundred thousands of views on Youtube, speaking for the popularity of the book. The newly published e-book is released through iBooks for easy access by the fans around the world, available in both Korean and English, also compatible with iPad. A heated response is expected from the global market for the e-book can be purchased at $9.99 USD, which is 60% less than the price of the paper book.

Children of The Sun features various multi-media:
Children of The Sun was created by the e-book production software for Macintosh ‘iBooks Author’ released by Apple on January 19th. Unlike the generally text-based e-books of the past, Children of The Sun introduces interactive images and videos, showing that e-books now have evolved from a reading material to a digital content that allows viewing, touching, and responding to various multi-media. The e-book provides a more dynamic and enjoyable experience within the new boundary.

More Exclusive Photographs:
For fans who have waited a long time for the English version of the book, the e-book contains additional 25 undisclosed photographs of ONEW, KEY, and TAEMIN in their most natural state—Capturing their playful moments, the more abundant pictures allow the readers to travel deeper into Barcelona with SHINee.

Blow Up And Hyperlink Features:
If disappointed by the size of the photographs in the paper book, take advantage of the blow up feature on the e-book: Most of the photographs can be blown up to the size of choice. The screen-full of photographs let the readers feel more in touch with the passionate curiosity lingering in the members’ eyes. Also, the hyperlink function allows the readers to navigate from ‘TAEMIN’s Mar’ to ‘ONEW’s Siesta’ just by one touch without having to turn page by page. The hyperlink function by theme allows easy jumps to the page of choice.

Book Trailer That Captured Thousands of Hearts:
The e-book also contains the Book Trailer which became a great sensation among the fans over the world, rendering hundred thousands of views on Youtube. From walking around the streets of Barcelona, eating ice cream, to riding bikes, the exclusive daily lives of SHINee members captured in the video were enough to win over thousands of hearts. Own the Book Trailer video along with the contents of the book to experience the liveliness and excitement of SHINee’s trip at your discretion.

USA, Europe, And Asia Fall In Love With SHINee:
A five-boy idol band SHINee’s team name was created by adding the suffix ‘-ee’ to the word ‘shine’ to be interpreted as ‘the one who is in the light.’ With their hot debut ‘Replay’ in 2008, SHINee became the icon for the recent Korean Cougar Syndrome, and with the success of the proceeding albums ‘Ring Ding Dong’ and ‘Lucifer,’ their popularity grew well over Asia creating a K-Pop wave around the world. On various TV programs and Concerts, SHINee is stealing hearts of more and more fans: their recent relay concert turned out to be a big success mobilizing two hundred thousand audiences in seven cities around Japan, and also participating in the ‘K-POP Nation Concert in Macao 2012’ SHINee is actively advancing as an idol group beloved all over the world.

About the Authors:
ONEW was born in 1989 and is active in various fields such as theatre, played leading roles in various musicals, and also worked as an MC. KEY, born in 1991, participated in the 2009 ‘TVXQ! The 3Rd Asia Tour Concert-Mirotic’ as a guest and in 2010, appeared on Comedy TV reality show to flaunt various charms. TAEMIIN, born in 1993, is the youngest member of SHINee and showed off his acting skills on a sitcom in 2009.

Device Requirements:
* iBooks
* Requires iPad with iOS 5.0 or later

Pricing and Availability:
Children of The Sun is $9.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Europe category.

Children of The Sun
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