Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota – Howling Moon Software is thrilled to announce Chipmunk 6.1, the latest feature release of the popular 2D physics engine. Chipmunk is a high performance, MIT licensed 2D physics library with unmatched performance and an ever increasing set of advanced features. Written in C99, bindings and ports exist to over a dozen languages. Including an official binding to Objective-C that makes it fit right in on the iPhone. Chipmunk has been used on many platforms including the PC (Mac/Win/Linux), iPhone, Android, Symbian, DS, PSP, and even the Wii. The list of award winning games using Chipmunk continues to grow, as IGF Finalist Waking Mars is added to the list.

This update adds several enhancements to both the open source and Pro versions of Chipmunk. Convex hull generation, block based iterators, and nearest point queries are now part of the Chipmunk API. Users who have upgraded to Chipmunk Pro now have access to our approximate convex decomposition API, which quickly turn complicated concave shapes into convex shapes suitable for simulation, which much better results than simple triangle fan techniques. A pthread based, multi-threaded solver is out of beta and ready to accelerate your game on multi-core systems (including mobile devices!). Improvements have been made to ChipmunkMultiGrab, making touch control easier than ever.

Full Changelist:
* API: Added a pthread based, multi-threaded solver to accelerate the game on multi-core systems (Pro only)
* API: Added cpConvexHull() and CP_CONVEX_HULL() for generating convex hulls
* API: Added cpPolylineConvexDecomposition_BETA() to generate an approximate concave decomposition of a polyline. (Pro only)
* API: Added [ChipmunkPolyline toConvexHull:] to generate approximate convex hulls (Pro only)
* API: Added [ChipmunkPolylineSet toConvexHulls_BETA:] (Pro only)
* API: Added nearest point queries
* API: Added a push mode to ChipmunkMultiGrab so touches can interact with the scene even if they didn’t initially touch a shape (Pro only)
* API: Added optional block based iterators
* API: Added a space property to cpBody, cpShape and cpConstraint types
* Bug: Fixed an issue with changing the floating point and vector type on OS X
* Bug: Fixed a pixel offset in ChipmunkImageSampler that could cause minor sampling artifacts (Pro only)
* Bug: Fixed an issue where cpShape and cpConstraint structs could have garbage space pointers if cpcalloc() was redefined
* Bug: Fixed assertions in cpArbiter getters to correctly reflect a contact count of 0 from separate() callbacks
* Bug: Fixed a regression relating to registering post-step() callbacks from other post-step() callbacks
* Bug: Fixed a minor memory leak for sleeping bodies when destroying a space
* Misc: Point queries are now deprecated in preference to point queries
* Misc: cpSpatialIndexPointQuery() was redundant and has been removed. Use cpSpatialIndexQuery() instead
* Misc: cpShape*Query() functions now accept a NULL info pointer if you don’t want detailed query info
* Misc: The enableContactGraph property of cpSpace is deprecated and always be true
* Misc: Added a new demos of the convex hull functions and a self balancing Unicycle

Chipmunk is especially popular on the iOS platform, where it is integrated into other game libraries such as Cocos2D. The Objective-C bindings also include a large collection of useful functions that are iOS specific.

Chipmunk, iOS Physics Engine
Chipmunk Pro
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Based in Minneapols-St. Paul, Minnesota, Howling Moon Software is a privately funded company co-founded in 2008 by Scott Lembcke and Andy Korth. They have been developing games and game development tools for 5 years. Both are alumni of the University of Minnesota, Morris, and graduated in Computer Science in 2007. With an focus on the Mac and iPhone platforms, Howling Moon’s devoted to creating quality software. Copyright 2012 Howling Moon Software. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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