Edmond, Oklahoma – LittleFin Software today is pleased to announce the release of Chronicle 5.0, an update to their best-selling home finance and bill paying application for OS X. The app provides an easy, graphical means to enter and track bills. Features include: automatic bill paying reminder; long-term debt tracking; database of payments and receipts; graphs and reports which analyze trends and averages; and a sortable list of upcoming bills which can be paid on-line from within the app.

Version 5.0 is enhanced for Mountain Lion. It includes notification center reminders, which remind the user to pay a bill, even when Chronicle is not running. Clicking on a reminder launches Chronicle, where the user can pay bills online with the integrated browser, and log the payment in Chronicle.

In addition, Chronicle now includes retina display enhanced graphics, including an all new, custom set of icons to represent different types of bills. Among the icons included are icons for childcare; gyms, insurance, rent & mortgage, credit cards and much more.

Not surprisingly, much of the unpleasantness of paying household bills is the confusion, disorder, and poor record keeping that makes the process stressful. Chronicle is designed to remove all the stumbling blocks, and even add style and automation to what was formerly considered a chore. The application setup process begins by entering all recurring and non-recurring bills. The Create a New Bill Window opens and allows the user to populate the following fields: Name (of bill); Next Due Date, Repeats (monthly, weekly, etc.), Bill Payment Information (on-line, phone, mail, automatic), Amount (optional), Balance (optional), Notes, Reminders, and Icon (from a collection of over 30 custom-designed icons for bills).

With all bills entered in this way, users can now employ the application. They now have at their disposal an easy-to-use overview of their household finances. Bills can be sorted, viewed graphically, etc. Any question that arises can be answered instantly from the Overview window, which displays both detailed and summary information.

Chronicle keeps track of the user’s bills, and reminds them when each one is due using Calendar and notification center (notification center requires Mountain Lion) – even when neither program is running. With the high cost of late payment fees, help from this feature just once will pay for the app. Paying off debt can be a daunting task, but Chronicle can help by tracking a bills balance. The application also remembers the user’s payment history for each bill, and even organizes scanned or downloaded receipts by date, so they can quickly find and view them for reference or proof of payment.

Feature Highlights:
* Easy to learn and use application with powerful features
* Extensive use of graphics, icons, and color to help organize data
* Provides automatic reminders through Calendar and Notification Center when bills are due
* Organizes bills and receipts
* Provides reports on trends and averages
* Free updates for life
* Provides both overview and detailed view of any aspect of finances

In addition, Chronicle analyzes bills by month, year and season and displays the information graphically. It also averages payments so it is easier to budget for bills that fluctuate, like utilities or credit cards. Finally, the sortable overview screen displays at a glance when each bill is due. Colorful icons indicate when a bill is overdue, due soon, or due in the future. With a couple clicks, the user can log payments or make payments online.

Reminders can be automatically added to the user’s Calendar. With iCloud, bill reminders in Calendar can be pushed to the user’s iPhone, iPad or iPod touch instantly.

The recipient of a host of awards, including Apple Staff Pick, Chronicle has earned a loyal customer base with a well-designed product and “Free Upgrades for Life.” Developer Mike Dattolo stated, “Chronicle is the perfect application to get your bills in order. And the best thing about it is that people actually enjoy using it.”

Chronicle can be used for free with up to 4 bills for an unlimited time.

System Requirements:
* OS X Lion or Mountain Lion
* 64-bit processor
* 15 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Chronicle 5.0 for Mac OS X is $14.95 (USD or equivalent in other currencies), and available now from LittleFin Software. Review copies are available upon request.

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Based in Edmond, Oklahoma, LittleFin LLC is a small Mac development company with a big goal: to create smart, easy-to-use Mac software. They have a passion for design and strive to make software that is as nice to look at, as it is functional. LittleFin offers free upgrades for life on all their software. Whether small revisions or major releases, all upgrades are always free. Copyright (C) 2012 LittleFin, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Lion, Mountain Lion and OS X are registered trademarks of Apple in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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