Sacramento, California – CloverLeaf Mobile Apps today is pleased to announce the release of Bungee Monkey 2, the completely revamped edition of their popular mobile action game – Bungee Monkey. This version of the successful single-player game has snappier graphics, new power-ups and player options that enrich the overall playability and feel of the original – and it’s Free!

With the addition of an in-game store and plenty of coins to be collected for purchases, the lovable monkey is back for more jungle swinging. This time he’s got a special Blue Bungee line and an assortment of capes and shields to protect him from the dangers in his way.

Use the Plasma Shield to explode his enemies and incoming hazards. Have Bungee Monkey fly through the jungle when he wears his special capes. Use his Night Vision to prolong the game even after the sun has set. There is even a new player option to choose how to control Bungee Monkey according to the player’s preferences.

* 10 Titles and 30 Goals to achieve
* Bonus awards for each new title
* New! Now collect coins to buy potent power-ups
* New! Colorful cape power-ups with awesome abilities
* New! Outrageous shield power-ups with intense force
* New! Blue Bungee line to increase your launch potential
* New! Original graphics with realistic 3D feel
* New! User selectable background themes
* New! In-app store
* Practice mode for beginners
* In-game hints
* Fast paced physics based action

The updated artwork and backgrounds are more colorful and realistic and add to the look and feel of this already graphics rich game. The original musical score and impressive sound effects combine perfectly with the onscreen action and add another dimension to the enjoyment of this game.

Device Requirements:
* iOS 4.3 and up
* Android 2.2 and up

Pricing and Availability:
Bungee Monkey 2.0 is a Free download and is available worldwide through iTunes and the Google Play Store.

CloverLeaf Mobile
Bungee Monkey 2.0
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