Boston, MA – Lovers of plain black coffee, exotic mocha cappuccinos, or aromatic Turkish coffees alike will enjoy Eyal Rosen’s newly released Coffee Tales interactive series, now available for iPad on Apple’s iBookstore. The chapters transport readers to the enticing aromas and fascinating tales of leading coffee establishments in mysterious Istanbul, timeless Rome, captivating Vienna, romantic Paris, and now, fun-loving Seattle.

In the Coffee Tales interactive iPad edition, Eyal Rosen brings the mystique of cafe and coffee culture to wherever the reader happens to be – whether that’s the beach, a favorite park, a comfy chair, or even the subway. The iPad edition can also be used as a guide to great coffeehouses when traveling to the cities covered. Coffee lovers in Paris or Vienna, for example, can use Coffee Tales as a review of coffeehouses and make choices based on the descriptions.

The exclusive unique atmosphere of each coffeehouse comes to life with exciting personal stories and the spectacular photography of Ran Mendelson. Through eloquent prose, Rosen visits Paris coffeehouses where famous artists and writers gathered, shows where part of the US Constitution was written, and takes readers to Seattle where shop owners share some espresso secrets. The vignettes and anecdotes illustrate the idiosyncrasies and consistencies of coffeehouse culture, while the photos seem to resonate with the clanging of dishes, soft hum of voices, and the sweet, tantalizing pungency of gourmet coffee.

“If you want a taste for the international coffee zeitgeist, look no further than Coffee Tales!”
– Bryan Yeck, Proprietor, Zeitgeist Coffee.

Free downloadable samples are available on iBookstore. Prospective buyers can choose to download a few pages from any chapter of their choice, or the entire Istanbul chapter.

Coffee Tales Seattle on Apple’s iBookstore
Coffee Tales Series on Apple’s iBookstore
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Eyal Rosen is the founder of ROASTe – the world’s largest coffee marketplace – an online super-store committed to promoting gourmet coffee experiences. He is an entrepreneur as well as a coffee lover. With talented photographer Ran Mendelson, Rosen traveled the world in search of great cafes and divine coffee. Copyright (C) 2012 Eyal Rosen. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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