Sydney, Australia – CoreMelt, a leading provider of advanced video plug-in effects for the editorial, composting, design and visual effects communities, today is proud to announce the release of its Lock & Load stabilizer for Final Cut Pro X users.

Lock & Load has long been an essential tool for legacy Final Cut Pro users, now the new generation of Final Cut Pro X users can add the full power of an advanced stabilization tool to their editing repertoire. As well as providing fast easy smoothing of all kinds of camera motion, Lock & Load also provides advanced Rolling Shutter reduction to help minimize skew and wobble artifacts from CMOS sensors used in popular DSLR cameras like the Canon 5D Mk III or even iPhone or iPad footage.

Roger Bolton, CoreMelt founder, director and visual effects veteran points out “The Rolling Shutter reduction built into Final Cut Pro X is one size fits all, there is only an overall strength control. For CoreMelt Lock & Load, we individually tested the most popular types of DSLR cameras and optimized our results for the specific CMOS sensors of each camera.” Lock & Load’s superior results are the result of over eight years of development and improvement of the proprietary stabilization and shutter reduction algorithm.

Why use Lock & Load X over the built in Stabilizer in FCP X?
* Faster analysis, up to 12 times faster at analyzing the motion in your clip than the built in stabilizer
* Better results, more power rolling shutter reduction, less wobble, zooming and scaling artifacts
* More powerful, advanced features like tracking region of interest and full parameter key-framing let you handle otherwise un-trackable clips

What Customers are Saying
“I was certainly impressed with the new speed of Lock & Load” Steve Douglas, renowned underwater videographer and technology critic

System Requirements:
Apple Mac OS X computer running 10.6.8 or later. Final Cut Pro X 10.0.3 or later. Lock & Load is also available on Final Cut Pro 7, Adobe After Effects & Premiere Pro (Mac only).

Pricing and Availability:
Lock & Load X is available now for a limited time for $99.00 USD (full price $149 US) from CoreMelt and its authorized dealers. For additional pricing information, please visit CoreMelt online.

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CoreMelt, established in 2005 is a Sydney, Australia-based developer of more than 200 intuitive visual effects plug-ins including Lock & Load, the most advanced stabilization tool available for Final Cut Pro X. Founder, director and lead product designer Roger Bolton is a visual effects veteran whose credits include “Lord of the Rings,” “Kingdom of Heaven” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” and whose vision is to develop the fastest and most intuitive visual effects plug-ins possible. CoreMelt products are available worldwide through the internet and resellers in the US, and Japan. Copyright 2005-2012 CoreMelt. All Rights Reserved. Apple Final Cut Studio and Apple Motion, are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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