Chicago, Illinois – Digital Altitudes, LLC has brought the latest technology to the process of diabetes management and made those clumsy paper logbooks as outdated as some of the cumbersome testing equipment from decades ago. Their diabetes software is now available for Mac, iPhone, and PC.

Diabetes Pilot(TM) is a software package designed to make managing diabetes easier for those dealing with the disease. The application enables users to record glucose measurements, blood pressure, test results, insulin and other medications, meals, exercise and other related notes, and analyze trends in all these areas with various charts and graphs.

In addition, Diabetes Pilot tracks the carbohydrates, calories, fat, protein, fiber, sodium, cholesterol and other nutrients in the foods eaten by the user. The software has an integrated food database with information on thousands of foods, including hundreds of fast food items.

“We developed Diabetes Pilot to be fast and easy to use for anyone who has diabetes” said Mike Biewenga, president of Digital Altitudes. “The software was designed and is supported by people with diabetes who actually use the product themselves. As a result, every feature of Diabetes Pilot was created with the user in mind.”

Diabetes Pilot is available for Mac, iPhone/iPod touch, and Windows. The mobile versions can work by themselves or in tandem with Diabetes Pilot for the computer. Information can be recorded as it happens and then analyzed using the handheld software, or transferred and then analyzed later on the computer.

The software also enables the user to transfer the data in a variety of ways to allow further analysis and communication with his or her healthcare team. Diabetes Pilot has thousands of active users and has been used in multiple research studies. A free trial version of Diabetes Pilot for Mac or Windows is available on the Diabetes Pilot website.

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Digital Altitudes solves problems in healthcare, engineering, finance, and other fields through the practical application of technology. Founded in 2000 by Mike Biewenga, the company has been creating products and supporting people with diabetes for over a decade. That experience, combined with a customer-centric approach and technical expertise, provides the foundation for creating products that benefit thousands of people worldwide. The company offers products direct to consumers as well as consulting services and partnership opportunities. Copyright (C) 2012 Digital Altitudes, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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