High Wycombe, United Kingdom – High Wycombe, United Kingdom – Oryx Digital today released version 5 of industry leading seating planning software, PerfectTablePlan. The new version has over 40 improvements and new features, including a digital seating chart which displays table/seat assignments as continuously scrolling text.

“We think electronic seating charts are going to be an important trend in seated events, such as gala dinners, award ceremonies and fundraisers.” said Oryx Digital founder Andy Brice “There has been a general trend from paper to electronic devices, for example from mail to email and from books to ebooks. We expect seating charts to follow the same trend. The problem with paper seating charts is that people always cancel after you print your seating chart. You are then left with an out-of-date chart or gaps in the seating. Many venues now have large plasma screens, so it makes more sense to display the seat assignments electronically. We don’t expect paper seating charts to disappear any time soon, but we do think electronic charts have significant advantages.”

PerfectTablePlan v5 also integrates with barcode scanners and can push seat assignments to any device with a web browser. This means that PerfectTablePlan can track the arrival of guests and assign (or reassign) seats in ‘real time’. Updates to the seat assignments can then be displayed electronically on large screens and sent to staff iPads and other web enabled devices. This means you can avoid empty seats despite the inevitable last-minute cancellations. Guests don’t even need to know their seat has been reassigned.

A beta test version of PerfectTablePlan version 5 was used at one of the official government events at the recent Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in London. This was a very important event, attended by ambassadors and other VIPS, and the organizers wanted to ensure there were no gaps in the seating caused by last minute cancellations. The organizers said it “Worked a treat”.

PerfectTablePlan is available for Mac OS X and Windows from just $29.95/19.95/Euro22.95 at PerfectTablePlan online. It comes with a 14 day money-back guarantee and you can download a free trial from the website.

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