Salt Lake City, Utah – As gaming technology advances games become more involved and flashy. It takes a lot of guts to build a game with 8-Bit, NES style graphics and compete against such glamorous games, but that is exactly what Fryza is doing with Retro Skate on their Kickstarter campaign.

After building apps and games for clients for a few years, Mark Price (28) and Kevin Flint (25) decided to go back to their gaming roots and build Retro Skate. Not just another flick and smash, one-hit-wonder kind of game, Retro Skate takes the best selling features of top retro games like Double Dragon and TMNT, adds realistic skateboarding, and mixes it with AAA, multi-platform quality.

“Retro Skate takes the awesome arcade adventure style of games like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, adds 4 person co-op multiplayer, immerses the player in an 8-Bit world, and lands itself on multiple gaming platforms,” says Price.

The game features many levels, co-op multiplayer battling, extreme skateboarding tricks, boss battles, achievements, and a level editor. Retro Skate will be deployed to iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Could this be the kind of old-school game that iOS and Mac gamers have been wanting for years? Yes, but without the funds to sustain the team while they put off contract work and develop the game it may never hit the App Store.

Being veteran game designers, Mark and Kevin knew that there would be no way for their team to develop such a large scale game without putting off the client work, earning some funding, and focusing solely on Retro Skate. “We know better than to try and build a game on the side while doing other work. It would never receive the proper love and attention it needs and Retro Skate can’t be anything less than amazing,” says Flint. This is why they’ve decided to run a Kickstarter campaign to crowdsource the $15,000 USD required to pay the developers, secure the proper marketing push, and build out the game.

Kickstarter campaigns function under an “all-or-nothing” funding model so if Retro Skate doesn’t reach its goal at the end of 30 days then no funding is received. Follow Price and Flint on Twitter and Facebook or go to their Kickstarter campaign to check for updates and progress on Retro Skate. Campaign donors can donate as little as $2.00 and receive rewards such as t-shirts, hoodies, real skateboards, toys, and more.

Retro Skate on Kickstarter

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