Arlington, Virginia – GroupLogic(R), the industry’s leading provider of software products that unlock the power of new enterprise platforms, announced today the newest iteration of its ExtremeZ-IP(R) software, the only solution that empowers enterprise IT to seamlessly integrate Mac into existing Windows infrastructure. ExtremeZ-IP 8.0 with Network Reshare will allow customers to extend enterprise file access for Mac users to NAS storage systems. In addition, it will make greater amounts of corporate content and files available to Mac users and for IT administrators and provide seamless integration and control through Active Directory, while eliminating the issues that plague Mac users in enterprise environments.

Macs connecting to a NAS using SMB typically experience issues that can impact Mac user productivity, including compatibility issues, AD integration and permission issues, and a lack of support for key features, such as Time Machine. ExtremeZ-IP 8.0 with Network Reshare provides a simple way to make these file shares available with AFP (Apple Filing Protocol), thus eliminating the strain on IT to support cross-platform issues. In addition, the Network Reshare feature will also give access to DFS shares, with no client-side software required.

“For over ten years, ExtremeZ-IP has worked to integrate cross-platform working environments, and GroupLogic has been dedicated to ensuring the solution is not only up-to-date, but ahead of the curve in anticipating platform changes so we can upgrade our technology to meet the exact – and constantly changing – needs of our customers,” said Anders Lofgren, Vice President of Product Management and Marketing at GroupLogic. “Now, with Network Reshare, customers can extend the value of ExtremeZ-IP to NAS systems without having to directly attach the NAS storage to an ExtremeZ-IP server. We have seen an increase in customer demand for NAS device compatibility, so we’re pleased to offer this convenient solution to our users.”

“With so many enterprises allowing employees to bring their own devices and Mac computers to work, IT managers need to have the ability to provide the same user experience across the board, no matter what computing platform their employees use, now more than ever,” said Lofgren. “ExtremeZ-IP 8.0 continues to address this problem for enterprises by enabling the simple and rapid support and integration of Macs into Windows server and NAS storage environments.”

ExtremeZ-IP 8.0 is available today as a free upgrade to existing customers under maintenance contract and can be purchased by new customers via the GroupLogic web store. GroupLogic also offers a free trial of ExtremeZ-IP for interested IT organizations and has two pricing options for enterprises, including enterprise subscription licensing (ESL) and perpetual licensing.

ExtremeZ-IP Free Trial

GroupLogic helps enterprise and education IT organizations simply and securely integrate diverse computing platforms into enterprise environments, connecting employees to enterprise files, content and assets to facilitate a more productive and efficient work environment. With more than two decades of experience, GroupLogic leads the marketplace in helping IT organizations effectively and easily manage the integration of Apple products into the enterprise ecosystem. GroupLogic enables IT organizations to easily and securely manage the rapid integration of diverse platforms while ensuring resources are optimized. GroupLogic enables the enterprise to focus on what is really important – competitive differentiation, improved employee productivity, mitigated risk and reduced costs. GroupLogic, activEcho, mobilEcho, ExtremeZ-IP, MassTransit, Zidget, ShadowConnect and ArchiveConnect are all registered or unregistered trademarks of GroupLogic, Inc. (C) 2012 GroupLogic, Inc. All Rights Reserved. All other trademarks referenced herein are the property of their respective owners.

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