San Jose, California – Insider Software today announced the release of FontAgent Pro 5 for Macintosh, a major upgrade to its professional font manager, which delivers a bevy of new features to streamline creative workflow. The new release supports Insider’s line of server products, including TeamServer for workgroups, FontAgent Pro Enterprise Server with Active Directory and Kerberos single sign-on, FontAgent Pro Replication Server with Failover and the world’s first cloud-based font server.

New in FontAgent Pro 5. Version 5 of FontAgent Pro for Macintosh delivers a multitude of new features for testing, diagnosing, viewing, selecting and managing font collections and streamlining creative workflow, including:

* Adobe CS6 auto-activation plug-ins for InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and InCopy
* Automatic font, print and application cache maintenance with Smasher(TM) integration
* Improved and simplified user interface
* Glyph Palette with drag-and-drop character viewing and insertion
* Updated FontSavant(TM) and MagicMatch(TM) for automatic, precise font selection and relevancy rankings of alternate fonts
* Streamlined Font Player with AutoPlay, Speed Control and one-click font sample book creation
* Enhanced support for Apple’s high-res retina displays
* 650 professionally selected fonts from the Google web fonts collection
* Enhanced font integrity checking
* AutoGather feature that automatically locates and gathers all fonts on your Mac so users don’t need to sift through numerous folders
* Font activation and usage reporting provide assurance that font usage is license-compliant

The new features in the release further extend FontAgent Pro’s technical lead over other font managers and utilities.

New User Interface Provides Easy Font Access:
The new UI in FontAgent Pro 5 provides easy access to smart tools and complex font searches that enable users to manage projects faster and more simply. It also includes an all-new Glyph Player, which works like the Font Player, enabling you to display glyph sets for any font and play through all your fonts with a click. In addition the V5 interface takes full advantage of Apple’s new high-res retina displays.

Auto-Activation Plug-Ins for Adobe Creative Suite 6 Apps:
Built on Insider’s unique FontSavant(TM) technology, FontAgent Pro 5 includes plug-ins for activating fonts automatically as users access Adobe Creative Suite 6 applications, including InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and InCopy. The plug-ins ensure that FontAgent Pro always selects the right font, not just a close match or one that has the same name. With the addition of these new plug-ins, FontAgent Pro supports Adobe CS3 to CS6 and QuarkXPress 6 to 9.

Free Smasher Software:
FontAgent Pro 5 includes a free license of Smasher, the world’s only automatic, set-and-forget maintenance program for Macintosh creative applications. It clears pesky font, print and application caches to make sure your projects render correctly, and lets you test, preview and examine fonts and their properties in seconds. With the integration of the Smasher technology, Insider offers the only product to deliver automatic preventive font maintenance that runs in the background and eliminates problems before they impede workflows.

Free, Open Source Print and Web Fonts:
FontAgent Pro 5 includes 650 professionally chosen free print and web fonts from the Google open source fonts library. The integrity of each of the typefaces has been verified to eliminate corrupt and low-quality fonts that can cause system errors and snags in project workflow.

About FontAgent Pro:
FontAgent Pro provides a complete font management system that integrates diagnostics, repair, font selection, font book creation, and design tools in a single powerful, yet simple application for creative professionals. It is the only product to offer such modern features as multiple font libraries, a customizable user interface, live font search, WYSIWYG font viewing, and a Font Player(TM) that plays glyphs and text strings in a slide show for interactive font selection.

Using FontAgent Pro, administrators can also prohibit unauthorized modifications to font libraries and sets, define multiple startup sets to boost usability, and enable font activation without launching FontAgent Pro. FontAgent Pro is available in a Standard Edition for standalone users; a Workgroup Edition that shares fonts among users without requiring a server; and a Connected Edition that connects to FontAgent Pro Server solutions to provide maximum font consistency and control while streamlining creative workflow across the enterprise.

System Support and Requirements:
* Intel-based Mac running OS X 10.6 or later
* Supports all Mac OS X fonts – Open Type, Type 1, dfont, Mac and Windows TrueType
* Supports local and networked home directories
* Auto-activation support for Adobe CS3 to CS6, and QuarkXPress 6 to 9
* Compatible with all FontAgent Pro Version 5 Server Solutions

Pricing, Availability and Upgrades:
FontAgent Pro 5 for Mac is free to users who have current support and maintenance agreements or who purchased FontAgent Pro 4 after May 1, 2012. Other FontAgent Pro 4 users can upgrade in the Insider online store for $49.95. For ninety days, licensees of FontAgent Pro 3 can license the new version for $49.95 (USD). Quantity discounts and cross-grades from competitive products are available.

The new release is available for immediate download from the Insider website and comes with a thirty-day, money-back satisfaction guarantee. It is also available from resellers worldwide including PC Mall, PC Connection, SHI, Zones, Insight and Amazon. To learn more, visit Insider Software online or contact Insider at 866-366-8778 or +1-408-871-9933.

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Founded in 1994, Insider Software makes products that streamline the creative process, including FontAgent Pro and FontAgent Pro Server. With the most extensive array of font management utilities on the market, Insider has the ideal solution for every font management scenario. FontAgent is a registered trademark, and FontAgent Pro, Insider, and the Insider logo are trademarks of Insider Software. Other products mentioned are trademarks of their respective owners.

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