Los Angeles, California – Hollywood web developer and type designer that doesn’t have much to say starts twitter page for no reason, be the first to follow.

LA based designer Steve Miggas has his own personal twitter page now but no followers. So far four tweets have gone to waste. Interested parties can expect occasional select tweets on a myriad of subjects including off-the-beaten-path beer and wine picks, fun things to do, outside the box pizza recipes, fake moustache selection, cute baby and diaper stories, drooling strategy… things like that. Oh, and fonts. And web stuff. (and possibly the occasional freelance gig)

A loyal Mac user since the mid-sixties, Steve has earned a reputation for being ahead of the curve on technology, which has put him way behind the curve socially. However, as the only designer/developer in history to have created three separate web sites for the daytime drama “The Young and The Restless” Steve is also known as the ‘Youngest and Most Restless Web Guy’, even at his advanced age of 46. Steve has created numerous other web destinations for television and other entertainment properties, garnering him 6 Promax awards for web design along the way. But no awards socially. Specializing in media rich web advertising, his credits include memorable campaigns for McDonalds, Sony, E!, over 20 feature films from major studios and millions of television shows.

Many of the typefaces designed by Steve are published by Adobe, Monotype, Bitstream and Aerotype and can be seen in the supermarket, in magazines, TV spots, on things you look at while in line at Starbucks and in the credits of films, including The Talented Mr. Ripley, The Sixth Man, Toy Story 2, and Disney’s animated feature Hercules. His most recent type release, a tattoo-inspired script family called Keepsake(TM) has five styles that can be combined and overlapped to provide a wide range of creative options. Rich with OpenType(R) font technology features, each Keepsake style also includes three options for every capital letter, multiple lowercase options and swashy decorative elements.

So if you like a little pizza and beer with your font and web design musings, follow Steve.

Steve’s Twitter page
Keepsake type family
Aerotype Twitter page

Miggas Design, Inc. Keepsake is a trademark of Aerotype Corporation. OpenType is either a registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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