Lakewood, Colorado – Marketers are always looking for ways to improve online and offline conversion rates. Savvy marketers know that few efforts return results better than those gained through the implementation of targeted landing pages. If you are a marketer who is ready to try them out, or even if you have used them before, Spider Trainers’ white paper is for you. Available as a free download, Targeted Landing Pages: Using web pages to improve marketing conversion rates offers readers insights into the designing nuances of convincing landing pages.

Targeted landing pages are web pages that are different from, and in addition to, company websites. They contain detailed information about a marketing offer or message. A great landing page design makes a compelling argument for why visitors should join the ranks of the converted.

“In the world of marketing, the conversion rate is the golden goose,” said Cyndie Shaffstall, founder of Spider Trainers. “It is the final goal by which the bulk of our efforts are measured. We hope to enlighten and empower our clients with the information in this new white paper to help ensure their success.”

Whether you are a Mac-based designer, the Unix-based programmer, or the Windows-based marketing director, you will learn something valuable. This white paper contains information on the entire process, starting with design and working through to testing and deployment. You’ll learn best practices for landing page design; writing and placing headlines and page titles; content creation; and how to test, track, and tweak design and content in order to maximize results. While targeted landing pages are not a new idea, the lessons you learn from this white paper will help you now and with future campaigns.

Spider Trainers
Targeted Landing Pages

Spider Trainers provides online and offline marketing services, which include print and email campaigns, web development, graphic design, click-thru ad creation, drip and nurturing campaigns, social media, search-engine optimization, press releases, campaign analytics, and more. Founded in 2009, Spider Trainers is a DBA of C Shaffstall & Son, LLC, and based in Denver, CO. The company touts more than 40 years’ experience in their principal team specializing in marketing, promotion, press relations, and SEO disciplines. Copyright (C) 2013 C Shaffstall & Son, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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