Los Angeles, California – The gadget girls for iLeak, a resource dedicated to all leaks, news, and reviews for Apple products, are now reviewing the latest iPhone and iPad apps. Bringing a fresh perspective to the Apple community, iLeak’s staff is comprised of smart and passionate gadget girls all hot for Apple products.

Speaking about the difference between iLeak’s reviews and other Apple-focused sites, Editor-in-Chief Grace Chen expounded, “Most iPhone and iPad review videos in the community are one-dimensional, meaning you often only see a man’s burly fingers swiping away at the screen. Our gadget girls bring app reviews to an entirely new level, giving you plenty of iCandy in the process. Most importantly, we are all avid Apple users and review the iPhone and iPad apps with candor and expertise.”

iLeak gives equal attention to both mainstream and indie releases, reviewing apps that are unique, helpful, or truly entertaining. Each iPhone or iPad app review is analyzed based upon a myriad of factors, including value, execution, and concept. From reviewing the latest pickup lines app and female-fun vibrating release to serious ones focused on fitness or productivity, iLeak’s gadget girls cover the gamut of apps to uncover the treasures in the crowded app market.

“In my prior role as the editor of one of the oldest, most established iPhone app review sites, I realized there were so many apps that deserved more attention and exposure than screen shots and hairy male fingers,” Chen further explains. “With our fabulous and hot gadget girls, we frame iPhone and iPad apps with reviews that are just as colorful, entertaining, and fun as the apps themselves.”

iLeak reviews several iPhone and iPad apps each day through its website and YouTube channel. Developers are welcome to submit their apps for review consideration.


Established as the only Apple news and reviews site staffed by female tech enthusiasts, iLeak brings a fresh perspective to the industry. Covering the latest Apple news, rumors, and iPhone and iPad apps, iLeak is updated nearly every hour with the latest need-to-know stories for Apple lovers. Copyright (C) 2012 iLeak. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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