Moscow, Russia – Good.iWare announces today the latest update to GoodReader, the world’s best-selling document reader for iPhone and iPad – now offering even more ways to transfer files in and out of the app.

The new update includes the long-awaited support for Microsoft’s popular SkyDrive cloud service, featuring server-style connections and Auto Sync. Microsoft SkyDrive users will now be able to seamlessly move files in and out of GoodReader. SkyDrive joins other leading cloud services supported by GoodReader, such as Dropbox, Google Docs, SugarSync, and

Business users will also enjoy GoodReader’s new support for Novell NetStorage and Microsoft Office 365 (SharePoint) servers, joining other WebDAV, SFTP, AFP or FTP servers in enabling users to sync and share files over remote servers. GoodReader enables users to sync entire folders or individual files separately.

The Advanced File Manager for iPad:
While the iPhone and iPad are heralded for ease-of-use for phone and tablet computing, the biggest glaring weakness of the iOS is in the area of file management. The iOS does not offer a simple way to file, copy, transfer and rename documents, but those seeking true file management on their tablets have been turning to the popular GoodReader document reader. Often referred to as “the missing file system for iOS,” GoodReader is able to organize thousands of files into an easily manageable hierarchy of folders and files.

In its recent review of GoodReader, Wired Magazine declared GoodReader’s file management system to be “elegant” and shines compares to what is available out-of-the-box for iPhones and iPads. Pocketables said, “GoodReader has a file manager that’s so advanced that some people use it just for that.”

GoodReader enables iPhone and iPad users to do all the file management functions that they’ve been used to on a desktop computer:

* Create a complex hierarchy of folders and subfolders
* Move and copy files around
* Rename and delete files
* Zip files and folders into archives
* Unzip and unrar archives

In situations GoodReader is unable to open any particular file type, users can simply send the file to a dedicated iOS app appropriate for that particular file type. This option enables users to combine GoodReader’s powerful file transfer features with other apps’ abilities to open and edit files of various types.

“While GoodReader earned its good reputation through the way it handles viewing large documents, the file management system we have built into it has generated a substantial amount of interest among iOS users,” said Yuri Selukoff, president of Good.iWare. “In fact, many people are purchasing GoodReader for the sole purpose of using it as their iPhone’s or iPad’s file manager.”

About GoodReader:
Since its release, the iPad version of GoodReader has achieved #1 in sales in the U.S., Canada, France, Germany, Spain and many others. GoodReader is known as the top document reader for viewing, navigating and annotating large PDF documents on an iPhone and iPad. Besides its annotate and text search capabilities, other key GoodReader features are active hyperlinks, which enable users to more easily navigate within the document or launch a linked document or website, and PDF Reflow. GoodReader has also set the standard for iOS document readers in the enterprise, offering a high level of document security and synchronization with remote servers.

Pricing and Availability:
GoodReader for iPad 3.17.1 is $4.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category.

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Good.iWare focuses on creating quality mobile applications for the iPhone and iPad. For more information, visit the company’s website. Copyright (C) 2011 Good.iWare. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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