Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom – Offering unparalleled user interactivity and control through touch-screen functionalities integrated into native platforms, improved performance and efficiency, a more engaging user experience, global user interface controls experts ShinobiControls is backing native all the way.

Jesse Beaumont, of ShinobiControls, said: “Both native components and web apps have their benefits but with native apps the possibilities are much greater and limits less severe. You are able to offer users a more unique and interactive experience, which is more personal and engaging.”

Through their world-class native controls, ShinobiControls, which provides the perfect tools for developers and iOS users to transform data sets into high-performing charts, graphs and grids, offers higher performance and efficiency rates than their HTML5 counterparts.

Native apps are also able to handle a higher volume of data with more detailed accuracy. ShinobiControls’ charts can support hundreds of thousands of points at 60 frames per second, with the grids supporting millions of rows. These levels are virtually impossible to achieve in HTML5, which would struggle in both performance and memory usage.

User interactivity and experience is another key area where native offers greater flexibility and power over HTML5 and ShinobiControls gives users greater control over their data and its analysis. Using touch-screen technology offered by modern mobile devices, allows users intuitive interactions with their data such as pinch zoom and pan on charts, highlighting points with simple touch, and dragging or pinching grid rows and columns to reordered and resize them.

Jesse said: “If you go HTML5 you have to either break from native look and feel and provide a neutral experience or try and simulate the native feel in HTML, which isn’t always possible and rarely easy.

“With native apps you can really push the boundaries and at ShinobiControls that’s something we like to do.”

ShinobiControls is a global leader, offering developers building an iPhone or iPad app a simple solution to show off data sets by transforming them into slick, easily-digestible and highly interactive grids and charts.

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ShinobiControls are creating a comprehensive set of powerful, interactive UI controls to help iOS developers create awesome apps for businesses. All our controls are built with both the developer and the end-user in mind: so we have a clear and logical API to delight the developer, alongside an engaging level of intuitive interaction that users now expect from their Apple devices. Our overall aim is to reduce the time, cost and effort involved in developing data-driven business apps, so that they can increase both in quantity and in quality. Copyright (C) 2012 ShinobiControls. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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