New York, New York – iHelpNYC announced today a back to school promotion for its popular app, Chem Pro: Chemistry Tutor in Your Pocket. Students will be able to download the app at 40% off for a limited time. iHelpNYC also announced today that Chem Pro is now available for Android devices on Google Play. Android users can now finally see what thousands of chemistry students around the world have been raving about by downloading it from Google Play today.

Introducing Chem Pro, the chemistry tutor in your pocket and the only resource you will need to excel in AP Chemistry or General Chemistry. Chem Pro features an exclusive lesson library containing a total of 80 videos that cover the entire course of AP and General Chemistry. If that were not enough, it also includes nine sets of flash cards for memorizing all the needed elements and polyatomic ions, as well as some essential chemistry tools – a periodic table, a molar mass calculator, a unit converter, and an equation sheet, allowing you to save an enormous amount of time doing homework problems. See what thousands of high school and college students across the world have been raving about. This life saving app is now available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch!

Lessons: Struggling in your current chemistry course? Perhaps you need to review some chemistry material for an upcoming exam? Chem Pro contains over 31 hours of lesson videos making it the perfect companion to have after you step out of the classroom. These lessons are dedicated to helping students solve problems, the most important skill to master in order to excel in chemistry. Students are shown problems which are solved stepwise at a slow and easy to follow pace. Lessons don’t just cover one example problem per topic, they cover all the possible problem scenarios that you would encounter in your homework or on an exam. Every topic is covered, from calculating molar masses to drawing Lewis structures to equilibrium. The first 10 lessons are bundled with the app for free and if you wish to continue learning, you can download the next pack of topics. Lesson videos are downloaded and saved to your device so you don’t have to stream anything on the go. In addition, lessons always resume right from where you left off, no matter how long it has been since you last watched. You can learn whenever and wherever you go.

Flash Cards: Chem Pro contains nine sets of flash cards specifically designed for what any student needs to memorize for a standard chemistry course. With these flash cards, you can easily memorize the 40 basic elements, the 21 common polyatomic ions, the common acids, chemical colors (specifically for the AP Exam), and the 13 VSEPR molecular geometries. Simply select what you would like to memorize from the list of flash cards to begin memorizing. Just tap on each flash card and it flips around to show you the answer. Swipe back and forth to go to the previous or next card. Its that simple! What’s even better is that every time you go to a flash card set, it automatically shuffles the order of the cards so that you can quiz yourself to make sure you know the material. This great feature can save you hours of time making index cards to memorize those tedious chemistry concepts.

Tools: Chem Pro contains four essential and time saving chemistry tools. Use the periodic table to quickly look up atomic masses. With the molar mass calculator, simply scroll and type out the elements in your molecular formula and hit enter! The app does all the work. The most commonly used elements are conveniently placed at the front of the calculator for quick and easy molar mass calculations and you can tap the same element multiple times to add more in your formula. The unit converter contains all the standard units for length, mass, volume, temperature, pressure, energy and time. Type the number and the select the unit you want to convert from and you are automatically presented with a choice of conversions.

Chem Pro will not only teach you chemistry in a way you won’t find in the classroom, but also provide you with several time saving tools you will love to use. Chem Pro will make your chemistry course a lot less painful and more enjoyable. Download and find out for yourself today!

Chem Pro: Chemistry Tutor in Your Pocket
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iHelpNYC was founded by Justin Weinberg in 2005. For over five years, Justin has dedicated himself to being the best Macintosh computer consultant and Chemistry tutor in the greater New York City area. Copyright (C) 2005-2012 iHelpNYC. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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