Vancouver, Canada – AdvSoft has announced the release and immediate availability of AweCal service for syncing and backup data for CalPad (1.5.9) and CalPhone (1.2.4) applications. AweCal is a cloud server service from AdvSoft Company for adding more functionality to our apps. AweCal provides a server portal to sync data between CalPad and CalPhone, backup data from these apps to the server. Data can also be synced 2-ways between AweCal and CalPhone/CalPad.

CalPhone and CalPad are the most integrated tool for your Calendar, Tasks and Notes management and connectivity support for iPad and iPhone. For connectivity they offer direct sync events to the built-in calendar, which in turn can connect to Exchange, iCloud data; direct sync events to Google Calendar, direct sync tasks to Google Tasks and Toodledo. With AweCal, data cal be connected and available anywhere, anytime between CalPhone and CalPad.

Highlight features for AweCal:
* It’s a web service, you can connect to there from any web browser
* Support to backup data from CalPad / CalPhone app to AweCal server, so it’s an convenient way to protect your data
* Smoothly sync data 2-ways between CalPhone and CalPad, so you can keep your Notes, Tasks and Events to sync between the 2 apps easily
* A GUI for Web version of CalPad/CalPhone will be supported soon
* A public API to sync data from any platform to AweCal will be supported soon

Highlight features for CalPad and CalPhone, the integrated organizers for iPad and iPhone:
* Calendar management with Day, Week, Month, List view
* Tasks list (or Todo) management under daily or a list
* Multiple Notes per day with normal or stylus Note
* Intuitive GUI, easy to use
* Have iPhone and iPad version, data is compatible and can sync between the two apps easily via AweCal.
-Collaboration: Event (appointment) and task can be shared to other CalPad and CalPhone users, so it is useful in an Enterprise environment
* Manage projects: Multiple projects (or calendars) and multiple contexts are supported

With AweCal, CalPad and CalPhone, more interesting features are waiting for you to exploit.

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Based on Vancouver, Canada, AdvSoft is a young company dedicated to mobile application development with a focus on the iPhone, and iPad platforms. The company has a strong background from Linux, Android, and now iOS. Copyright (C) 2012 AdvSoft. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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