Edmond, Oklahoma – Two Dollar Tuesday launches today, with 3 Mac App Store Apps available for 80% – 85% off for one day only. All applications on Two Dollar Tuesday are only $2 USD. In addition, all Two Dollar Tuesday applications are available at the discount price directly from the Mac App Store. The applications available today for $2 are:

Dropzone (regularly $13.99): Dropzone is a productivity tool designed to make it easier and faster for users to get things done on their Macs. With simple drag and drop actions, users can share images via TwitPic, ImageShack, Flickr, FTP and Amazon S3. Users can move files, launch applications and extend with dozens of user contributed extensions. It has been named a Staff Pick by Apple in the Mac App Store, and was given 5/5 stars by MacWorld U.K.

Socialite (regularly $9.99): Socialite helps users stay in touch with all their social networks. It combines information from Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Google Reader and more, presenting it all in a streamlined interface.

Compartments (regularly $14.99): Compartments is a home inventory and warranty application. It allows household items to be entered quickly, and easily searched and sorted. Photos of items can be added via drag & drop, reports can be generated for insurance purposes, and users can track when product warranties expire.

Unlike most daily deal sites or bundles, which offer licenses for products, Two Dollar Tuesday apps are available directly from the Mac App Store, meaning users never have to remember or enter product serial numbers. “Customers prefer to purchase apps in the Mac App Store,” says Two Dollar Tuesday founder Mike Dattolo, “Because they can easily reinstall them if they switch computers, and they never have to worry about losing a license.”

In addition to being consumer-friendly, founder Mike Dattolo says that Two Dollar Tuesday is beneficial to developers as well. “The hardest problem independent developers have to tackle is is obscurity – finding a way to get their apps noticed,” he says. Since Two Dollar Tuesday apps are sold through the Mac App Store, the increased purchases help propel the applications up to higher spots in the App Store charts, making more people aware of them.

Two Dollar Tuesday will offer 1 to 3 applications for $2 USD every Tuesday.

Two Dollar Tuesday
Dropzone Mac App Store Link
Socialite Mac App Store Link
Compartments Mac App Store Link

Two Dollar Tuesday was founded by developer Mike Dattolo in 2012 in order to connect people with independent Mac App developers. Copyright (C) 2012 Two Dollar Tuesday. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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