Little Falls, New Jersey – Viewing Visio drawings, created on a Windows PC, is as simple as double-clicking the drawing (files with a .vsd, .vss, .vst, .vdx, .vsx, or .vtx extension) or opening it directly from the VizMac application. VizMac will open, and render the drawing in its window. You can then pan and zoom in the drawing window by using toolbar buttons, keyboard shortcuts, or menu items in the shortcut menu. Also, you can see properties on any shape by opening the Properties and Settings dialog box and then selecting a shape. Additionally, you can set drawing-layer visibility and colors in the Layer Settings tab, and annotation visibility and colors in the Markup Settings tab.

VizMac viewer for Mac allows users to open and view Visio files that were created on a Windows PC using the Microsoft Visio program. Files that are saved as XML (.vss, .vst, .vdx, .vsx, or .vtx) on the Windows platform and given to a Mac user are opened directly on the Mac using VizMac. Visio files saved as binary (.vsd) files must first be decoded using the VizMac web service before being able to view the drawing or diagram in VizMac. This transaction takes place in the background and is transparent to the end user. The end user must be connected to the Internet in order for the file to be decoded. The transaction takes place over a secure/encrypted connection and no data is stored on the VizMac server.

System Requirements:
* Mac OS X version 10.6 or higher
* Internet connection to open and view .vsd, .vss, .vst files

Pricing and Availability:
VizMac is $3.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available from website.

VizMac Visio viewer for Mac
Purchase from Vandaurico
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