Odessa, Ukraine – Nektony has introduced 4Glob – a tool designed to track mobile data usage on iPad and iPhone.
4Glob can monitor 3G/4G mobile communication networks. 4Glob provides the real-time control on the data usage. Information, supplied by 4Glob helps users make decisions on how to use their Data Plan effectively.
Going over the monthly limits of one’s mobile Data Plan is a common issue for iPad and iPhone users since a majority of applications require internet access and if not monitored properly, the data usage can easily increase beyond the monthly limit of the Data Plan. It’s always worth it to keep an eye on the mobile data usage. This will prevent mobile bills from spiraling out of control.
4Glob tracks mobile Internet usage without burdening the user and his device. The application is activated periodically when changing the position of the device. It monitors the quantity of data used and can notify the user when the data limit is exceeded.

The application displays the following statistics regarding the mobile data usage: monthly data plan, current data traffic, the amount of data still available under the plan. It also provides the graphical tracking of data usage.

4Glob can operate in a background mode. Nevertheless, it is recommended that the application be run at the end of each month to analyze mobile Internet usage and optimize the current data plan.

4 Glob is perfect for people who are interested in the rational and economic use of the mobile Internet.

System Requirements:
* Mac iOS
Pricing and Availability:
4Glob is priced at $0.99 USD and is available worldwide exclusively through iTunes

4Glob 1.0
Purchase and Download
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