Seoul, Korea – Neowiz Internet is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of Keri Racing, a hotly anticipated social network mobile game experience, developed by Pixel Ammo. This new multi-genre social network game will reach the iTunes App Store at the end of this month. Keri Racing is an ambitious social network game experience, combining features of popular genres for smart phone game players. Building businesses, farming, pet-raising, and real-time competitive action racing provide varied gameplay in a beautifully designed and animated cartoon environment.

Keri Racing players will build and expand their farm by growing crops, building structures, and raising “keris,” the fantastical flightless birds which their characters can ride in competitive races. Players will also enjoy plenty of flexibility in their choice of game play style, choosing to focus on building keri kingdoms, completing quests, or enhancing their racing reputation. With Facebook and Twitter integration, as well as the ability to contact friends via email and their contacts lists from within the app, finding friends to socialize with is a seamless experience. Not only that, the GPS system will find and recommend players near them to socialize with. Friends can help each other out with tasks, compete for Best-in-Show with their keris, and even race in real time.

With various socializing options, there is also more than enough to do within the Keri Racing environment solo. Players can talk to non-player characters, race against wanted npc “criminals” for rewards, and so much more. A dozen varieties of crops and sixteen building types add plenty of options for personalizing the Keri Racing experience, as does the in-app shop, which boasts plenty of cosmetic and stats boosting items that the keris themselves can equip.

With beta-testing complete, Keri Racing is nearing launch. The game will be available in the iTunes App Store, for free.

About Pixel Ammo:
Pixel Ammo specializes in developing 3rd generation Social Networking Games for smartphones. With a flair for eye-catching graphics and innovative gameplay, Pixel Ammo has positioned themselves as the next Zynga for smartphones.

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Pixel Ammo

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