Victoria, Canada – Late Night Software Ltd. today proudly announces the immediate availability of Script Debugger 5.0, the latest version of its award-winning AppleScript authoring environment. With more than 30 new major features and significant improvements to existing ones, Script Debugger 5.0 continues in its mission to make navigating AppleScript easy.

“While making tweaks to existing features and adding nice-to-haves is common in new versions, we’ve gone far beyond that with Script Debugger 5.0,” says company president Mark Alldritt. “Our very popular Explorer, for example, has been re-written from the ground up. Add that to all the major new features and we’re confident that version 5.0 will exceed all expectations.”

Major new features in Script Debugger 5.0 include:

Script Templates:
Script Debugger 5.0 introduces the concept of script templates which are used to create new script documents. Script Debugger 5.0 provides a selection of pre-written templates or create your own to speed the construction of new scripts.

Tabbed Document Windows:
Tabbed document windows allow you to view multiple AppleScript scripts in a single Script Debugger window, making it simpler to work with multiple scripts.

Open Quickly:
Script Debugger 5.0 allows you to use Mac OS X’s Spotlight to locate AppleScript scripts and applets on your Macintosh. Enter terms into this panel and Script Debugger 5.0 will locate all the scripts containing the terms in the script’s name, its source text and its description, and within any Finder comments assigned to the document.

Inline Find & Replace:
The Find & Replace panel has been redesigned. Find & Replace operations are no longer modal and the Find panel no longer obscures portions of your script’s text when in use.

Inspector Window and Result Drawer Unification:
Script Debugger 5.0 combines Script Debugger 4.5’s various floating inspector panels and its Result drawer into three ‘tabs’ displayed along the right-hand side of each document.

New Bundle Editor:
Script Debugger 5.0 offers a new bundle editor where you can manipulate the resources contained within a bundled script or a script application. You can open resource files or drag new resources into the bundle directly in Script Debugger.

Inline Dictionary Viewer:
Script Debugger 4.5’s Applications and Lookup Terms inspectors have now been combined into a single Applications inspector. Script Debugger 5.0’s new Applications inspector shows dictionary information for any selected item.

New Value Explorer:
A central feature of Script Debugger is its value explorers which let you inspect values. For Script Debugger 5.0, value Explorers have been completely re-implemented and simplified. The result is a much more powerful and efficient tool for examining values and exploring the objects and properties offered by the scriptable applications that you control in your scripts.

Floating Mini Debugger:
This new window floats above all your applications. Use this version of Script Debugger’s AppleScript debugger to step through your script without causing Script Debugger itself to interfere with the ordering of applications on your Macintosh.

Result Bar:
The Result Bar provides a new way to view the result of scripts using very little screen space and is perfect when you don’t require all the power of Script Debugger’s Explorers and Variables browsers.

System Requirements:
* Intel Macintosh
* 50 MB free disk space
* Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or later, Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) recommended

Pricing and Availability
Script Debugger 5.0 retails for $199 (USD). The Script Debugger 4.5 to 5.0 upgrade retails for $99 (USD).

Script Debugger 5.0
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Late Night Software Ltd., established in 1995, is a privately held company that specializes in the development of award-winning Macintosh scripting tools. Copyright 1995-2012 Late Night Software Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, and AppleScript are registered trademarks of Apple Computer Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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