Lugano, Switzerland – Desdoo SA, an emerging hub for mobile projects geared towards children, is excited today to announce the recent release of Joy Tales for the iPad. This storybook app encourages kids to develop happily, engaging them to be empathetic, balanced, and content as they grow through those all-important first few years of life. Better yet, the app introduces children to this constructive productivity in entertaining and visually engrossing ways. Joy Tales provides young users with twelve diverse stories, with each tale specifically designed to address a different area of development and highlight the power of maintaining a positive attitude, sense of humor, and sense of good will!

Developed to be as engaging and fun as they are developmentally helpful, Joy Tales’ stories entertain children with vibrant professionally drawn illustrations, page-by-page interactive elements, and optional audio narration. To boot, parents can record the story in their own voice and play it back right through the app as well. This digital picture-book system was launched with two stories ready and set to amaze kids, and ten more nearly ready to go in the coming days. The app is currently available with English and Italian language options, with many more on the way soon. Joy Tales is currently available for download on the Apple App Store for Free in the Books category.

The first two stories available through the Joy Tales storybook system are aptly about Tab, a white bat who looks different than everyone else, and Camelia – a giraffe that happens to stand head and shoulder above her peers. Joy Tales and its stories were developed by a team of experts consisting of child neuro-psychiatrists, animation designers, and innovative mobile developers to have as much positive educational value as entertainment value. Simply put, this is an experience geared to help young users understand the value of having a great attitude towards life; bettering their overall behavior and mindset through beautifully fashioned visuals and genuinely interesting narratives.

On the technical front Joy Tales boasts an ostensibly responsive interface that’s both user friendly and appealing in design. Furthermore, each page of each story included as part of this app comes complete with touch-based interactive elements that encourage children to become active participants rather than passive observers. Since this app is geared towards children too young to read, Joy Tales’ stories all come complete with professional audio narration features. This unique storybook experience is already available in both English and Italian, with language support for French, German, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese set to launch in the near future as well.

Engaged parents are free to record any and all stories word for word right through the app too, playing their recordings back to give their kids’ story experiences a more personal touch. The first years of life are an important time for any child, and with Joy Tales they’ll get the encouraging push they need to continue to grow in a healthy, problem free way.

Joy Tales 1.0.1
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Founded in Swtizerland, Desdoo SA is a mobile development firm committed to producing innovative, high quality mobile projects centered around children use and utilizing effective pedagogical concepts. (C) Desdoo SA 2012. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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